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ElRhino avatar 6:00 PM on 07.16.2007  (server time)
Review of Doritos Smokin' Cheddar BBQ chips

While not directly related to gaming, I feel this belongs here.
For one Doritos has long been part of my gaming ritual, and eating the X13D flavor they had for a while complimented playing gears of war online.

Back to the topic, “Smokin' Cheddar BBQ Doritos”.
Initially it tastes like a regular BBQ chip but with less intense flavor. Then you eat a couple more and its just kind of a weird feeling. BBQ and Cheddar flavoring do not necessarily go hand in hand unless there is some meat slapped in there somewhere. The combination of flavors left me hungry for a real BBQ, but that was just not an option. I put the bag down thinking bad flavor.
However that is where the chips take a different take on me. As soon as i put that down and though, wow what a disappointment, I quickly felt the need to eat another. So I did, and for some strange reason, the flavor I originally thought was a little on the bland side, now actually tastes very good. While to me it is still strange to get this BBQ taste on a tortilla chip instead of a potato, I now welcome this new addition of one of my favorite gaming snacks.

Let’s not stop at just the taste. There is one huge thing products need to do right in order for people to buy it, a good package. This Doritos bag is more blah than most, there is not much screaming to you to grab it. But that is sort of why i grabbed it, it was not trying to be the show it blended in, however knowing that it blended in i soon realized it was not nacho cheese or cooler ranch.

Someone at the Doritos PR team sure did a good job here.

In conclusion, go try these but given then a little bit of a chance first.

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