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I' back in the game, could use suggestions

I will start with a question, and then talk about why I am asking it. What XBox 360 games should I be playing to get caught up with the new releases? I know several awesome games have came out over the past few years, and I ...


Put Gamers On Tv spec pilot

Way back in March of 2007 Ben Mallahan, of Ben Makes Movies set forth with a mission, to put gamers on tv. He filmed a spec pilot with a hope that some tv executive would like what they saw, and would put gamers on TV. Ben ...


Ahh crap, this will do no good.

Brother Killers Brother in Video Game Dispute Apparently some stupid 13 year old had an argument with his 16 year old brother about some video game, and stabbed him! At least the article does the appropriate thing and says "...


Review of Doritos Smokin' Cheddar BBQ chips

While not directly related to gaming, I feel this belongs here. For one Doritos has long been part of my gaming ritual, and eating the X13D flavor they had for a while complimented playing gears of war online. Back to the to...


Microsoft announces the keyboard accesorie

During the last update Microsoft added Windows Live Messenger support, with a promise of a TID (text input device) to come later. Well later is NOW! I feel that 30 bucks is a bit steep for a miniature keyboard; however, it ...


About ElRhinoone of us since 10:23 PM on 07.08.2007

The name is El Rhino, as in the Mother effin Rhino Man.
I am a 20-something wanna be game designer. That means I have a degree in game design, and I sort of work in the industry, just not the position that I want.

I want to be a 3d Modeler and a Texture Artist. I can dabble with a bit of level design also.

I currently work as a game tester, where I have tested several games from browser based flash games, to 360, to iPhone.

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