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Art by the fantastic Roberto Plankton

About me:

Hello I'm El Dango.

The D isn't silent, that would sound stupid.

I like food, Photoshop, boss fights and really dumb jokes.

Here's a fave game list, everyone else have them (alphabetical order):

Ape Escape
Batman: Arkham City
Beyond Good & Evil
Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
Pacman Championship Edition DX
Rayman Legends
Shadow of the Colossus
Sonic 2
Tekken 3
Wario Land 2

(NOTE: I'm only putting one game per franchise now, for variety's sake. Some choices that I really truly love have therefore been removed. Doesn't mean that I love them any less.)

I also strongly enjoy games and series like Zelda, Burnout, Mario, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, InFamous, Jak & Daxter, GTA, Saints Row, Counter Strike, Splinter Cell, Tomb Raider, Worms, Roller Coaster Tycoon and Metal Gearrr, as well as tons of indie games like Limbo, Mutant Mudds and Guacamelee. I don't have these at the absolute top though, great as they might be. If I did, this list would be crazy long, and I prefer to keep it short and personal.

(NOTE 2: My horizon has expanded a lot since I wrote this, and will probably continue to do so)

Platformers are my favourite genre, followed by third-person action adventures. I do enjoy a wide variety of genres though, with the only ones I tend to dislike being RPGs and, to some extend, RTSs (go ahead and pronounce that last one). I'm usually open to action games of any kind.

( ͡ಠ ͜ʖ ͡ಠ)

A visual representation of other things I enjoy:

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It's HARD!

But whatever, it'll have to do:

1. Iím not entirely satisfied with internet/nerd culture

When I say this, I mean that too many people within this culture (though not all) need to get over themselves, their interests and their perspective in life. Anger, bigotry and stupidity have become a standard online, and while itís understandable that this can be hard to control, I think that a lot of people arenít trying nearly hard enough. People, please calm down. Accept and respect those who are different than you, and donít make a stink because someone donít share your interests. Donít let the rage take over, itís just gonna end badly for yourself. I do believe that things can change for the better, but itís going to take some effort from a lot of people. You can help.

2. I like starting out on a serious note so I can end on a fun one

As you can seeÖ

3. One day Iíd like to be a game designer

I donít just like playing games, I like inspecting them and finding out what makes them work as experiences. At this point, I already have a set of basic design philosophies ready, based on little elements within games that I enjoy, compared to those that I donít. My priorities wouldnít be size, ambition or impressive technological achievements.

Currently Iím about to finish studying multimedia design, which Iím gonna use as some sort of distant starting point. One thing I want to do is to embrace the modern day Ďcinematicí types of games, and then steer them in a more ďgame-yĒ direction, as Iíve always been one to play for challenge rather than escapism. Iíd primarily be using cinema tricks to do stuff like hype up boss battles. Speaking ofÖ

4. I fucking love boss battles!

They are the best! The more unique and memorable they are, the better! I love all types of them too, from the grand and spectacular (most of them) to the quiet and tense (The End, Mr. Freeze..).†

Boss battles are the coolest thing in video games forever!

5. My taste in music makes no sense

Iím a big fan of hard rock/metal. I also really enjoy trance. Isnít that weird?
It doesnít stop there of course, but those two are the big ones. The fact that I listen to AC/DC as much as I listen to Armin van Buuren, being a big fan of both, doesnít really seem to connect. Itís a bit like if someone has a long playlist equally divided between polka and dubstep. Canít explain it, wonít explain it, next point.

6. I adore grilling!

I am the biggest carnivore youíll ever meet. Vegetables are not food, they are food accessories! My absolute favourite dish in the whole world is ribs, very closely followed by the common steak. And both of these are, of course, best on a grill. Itís a passion that I share with my dad, and the two of us have had many spontaneous trips to a store in the search of some good meat.

Grilling is awesome too because it usually means sunshine and warm weather, which is the best weather! You poetic types can keep your rain and snow and shitty clouds, Iíll have me some good old shine!

7. I love Photoshop

If things were as they should be, Iíd simply be writing ďduhĒ here, but the truth is that Iíve fallen completely out of the habit of slamming together a silly image in response to a Dtoid article. That needs to change! I have too much fun doing it, and response has been mostly positive (that 90ís Steam controller boombox image I made even found its way to different websites). I promise Iíll start Photoshopping some more shit together, hopefully entertaining a ton of you in the process.

8. I never want to non-contribute

By which I mean posting and saying things that nobody can benefit from in some way. If I donít have anything potentially funny, interesting or informative to say or ask, I shut up. This especially when it comes to replying to jokes, as the last thing I want to do is take a good thing and run it into the ground. Thatís just cruel. Let the jokes breathe, I say. Never explain them either, then theyíll die.

Remember to always wipe after you poop.

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