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El Guapo
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Okay, so El Guapo said to himself that his last post was going to be the last bitchy post because the internets are already too full of that crap. But HOLY SHIT, Sony just sent me a broken PS3 to replace my broken PS3. Honestly, how fucking incompetent can you be? It can't even load a disc, which is to say no disc can be inserted into the drive, that shit is defective! I am officially cursed.



In an ill-advised fit of extravagance I recently bought a PSP. I won't go into the reasons because they were really stupid, but suffice it to say I wanted to own as many of the current systems as possible and was too damned i...


About El Guapoone of us since 11:10 AM on 02.02.2008

I'm into pretty much anything that is awesome, but I have the attention span of a brain-damaged chimp so I am usually playing five games at once and 3 or 4 aren't anywhere near current. I love me some RPG and a good fighter and I have recently gotten into FPS thanks to the 360. Typically I steer clear of online gaming because I am a very very angry person, but lately because I have so little money, Gamefly rules for that reason. I started playing games when I was 4 years old with Mario on the NES, I sucked. Didn't really start liking games until the N64 when I was finally able to beat my older brother at something (Killer Instinct Gold).

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