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El Fajitas's blog

5:38 PM on 02.19.2008

ATTENTION TFTuesday! Recent update breaks class tables!

Yes! An update, which I just got about 2 minutes ago, has left me in the dust!
I cannot join most servers because the "server uses different class tables"

If anyone out there has the power to restart the server, you should do so sooner rather than later.

Unfortunate!   read

3:45 PM on 02.11.2008

For all of us who like thanksgiving....

My apologies in advance if this has been posted already. However, everyone deserved to add this to their music library

Pillowy mounds
of mashed
potatoes.   read

4:48 PM on 12.04.2007

[NSFWorkmeng]Great Moments In History: Girls, Jubblies, and Nintendo.

Yes! Now, for all to see the true acceptance of the Wii throughout the universe, I show ye the results of a mind you should be grateful to.

Please mind, however, to keep the Wii-related jokes to a tolerable minimum.

Enjoy! Since I can't embed for shit.   read

10:45 PM on 10.28.2007

Ze Reviews: Guitar Hero Three: Done.

Well, I finally beat Guitar Hero 3 (no 5-stars on everything yet, just on the first 4 tiers) and I am ready to give a run down of impressions: Is this a worthy successor?

In short, yes. The game, just as the 2nd part in the series, does not pull off the vibe of completeness the first one had. Nonetheless, it is great! Woo!
After trudgin' around for the first few groups I was not very impressed. It was fun but I kept thinkin' the game would not be good if it kept like this. Also, who the heck is Tom Morello? Swanky sounds do not intimidate me, young man.

Anyhoo, when I finally got to play 'Paint it black' I had way more fun than the any of the previous songs. That was it: this game would not disappoint. Playing 'Holiday in Cambodia' and 'The Number of the Beast' further proves my point. YEAH!
I'm a bit miffed that I'll have to play Co-op to get some other songs, but I have 2 guitars and a willing victim. I also take beef (99cent sized, not 16oz steak-sized) with the graphics on two things: The singer hath been borne on the pits of the tortured mind of Salvador Dali and lathered on the hot sauce that nightmares are made of. Egads, that's one creepy guy, straight out of the Honeycomb commercials. Also, I appreciate the beat keepin' of the drummer Neversoft, I do, real nifty and all that, but he looks not right...A more stylized version would have helped...
BUT! If you are playin' this game right (on expert) you probably won't have time or desire to look at the graphics, thus it is relatively minor.

But, we must realize somethin' about the Guitar Hero series: they are a type of Pac-man. That is, a gameplay type that is *really* fundamental. Short of, say substituting all song choices with indiscernible minimalistic compositions dredged from obscurity, the Guitar Hero series can't be spoiled.

As for Rock Band, I expect it to be something that elevates the gameplay of Guitar Hero to another level, yes, but nonetheless, Guitar Hero is a great game that is fun for the whole family and stay crunchy in milk.

The final word: Get it! (Unless you are *really* cash-strapped savin' for Rock Band)   read

11:58 PM on 10.25.2007

Deep Connection While Gaming: Has it happened to *you*?

Perhaps I am painting with a broad brush, but have any of you ever experienced an incomprehensibly awesome lack of thought while focusing in something?
A moment in which you feel not yourself, but what you are doing, and the second you think again, it is lost?
Well, I'd like to find out if such a thing has happened to anyone with videogames. The only time I can remember such moments was once while practicing trumpet, and when I was way younger and first played Ocarina of Time. Perhaps a bit cliche, but you must understand that was the first time I saw a 64; I was all SNES and NES before that.
Anyhoo, has anyone aligned their brain while playing videogames? Keep in mind that beer, or bein' trippin' don't count, not even when it's Snaileb.   read

2:33 AM on 08.24.2007

The Internets FTW: 2K to Fix Widescreen and Install Limits in BioShock

See? Armchair resentment does work! Can't wait to use my 22" screen for what it was meant for kick ass!

(As if my card Is that good ;-; )   read

5:50 PM on 08.22.2007

Diddy Kong now at the Bros. Dojo!

So there might be good spots to fill up them 50 squares in the new Smash bros. game after all. I can see it now, falling off the ledges 3 times before I learn to master this over-sugared ape....   read

11:28 AM on 08.21.2007

How to creep the hell out of people.

There are many ways in which one can master the art of creeping people out and attain the nirvana that is having people not bother you with their meddlesome "relationships" or 'friendships'. However, if done carelessly, this will not result in individual solitude, but a ruthless, and well-deserved, mocking. Thus emo-style creepiness is out.

True creepiness can be achieved only through the subtle manipulation of others. The main objective being to lure these unwanted acquaintances to believe you have to be joking, then, with the best and deepest amount of creepness you can muster, calmly inform them that no, you did keep that nail that fell off your foot, that you really dig this girl, and finally, name yourself after a tasty Mexican dish because, you explain, it's kinda like a sexy double-entendre.

If these methods fall short, there are more reliable methods, but which come at the price of personal comfort. One example would be to have the undesirable person discover you lying face down on concrete in 115 degree weather, preferably on their own garage/sidewalk. Another one would be to place a human spinal cord (carefully preserved and in a jar, naturally) in an unobtrusive place in a bookshelf or near your television. When the person invariably asks what it is, simply respond with sincerity, adding a touch of child-like wide-eyed wonder.

I would advise all people in need of a higher creep factor to start slow and build up so as to not strain any muscles or put unnecessary pressure on their patellas. Please remember to moderate your daily intake, and to operate as much machinery as you can in order to achieve the maximum effect possible.


After reading until this point, you are now one step closer to being a creep!   read

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