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EightBitRob's blog

10:21 AM on 11.02.2010

Finding a "REAL" Champion

So back in the old days my friends and I played an unhealthy amount of Tecmo Bowl. At one point we decided to hold a tournament to determine who our true Tecmo Bowl Champion was. Yours truly won the first annual Tecmo Bowl tournament and was crowned champion. Afterwards we invoked a simple rule going forward. If you beat the champion you were now the new champion. The title would sometimes be won, loss and re-won all in the same gaming session. We kept track of who had the title, how long, how many defenses and all sorts of stats. It was some great damn times.

Fast forward to now where myself and some of these same friends are drunk in a bar. While reminiscing about our past days of Tecmo Bowl glory we started talking about who would be the champion in the NFL if our Tecmo Bowl rules applied? We came up with a starting point (The First NFL Championship Game in 1933) and from that game on if you beat the champion, you are the champion.  Well we finally finished it and put them up here

What do you guys think?

genius idea? or colossal waste of time?

8:02 PM on 05.11.2010

Is this immature?

So my brother and I are waiting around in the laundromat, finishing up the last bit of laundry when our eyes glaze over a Donkey Kong machine. Like most men in our situation we quickly asked our wives for a few quarters to use the dryers, and then promptly plunked them into the decades old Kong cabinet instead.

Our goal of course, was to have our magical three lettered signature atop the leaderboard. This proved to be a fairly easy feat since no one had actually played this game before but that didnít at all change the satisfaction of our victory. I give you all.... the Allwood Laundromat Top 2 names! Are we completely immature? Or are we completely justified?


12:14 PM on 04.13.2010

My 8-bit Wedding Cake

Hello Dtoid Community! Thought for my first post I'd share some pictures of my wedding from a week ago. While 90% of the wedding was your traditional, elegant affair we did manage to put our own little twist on the cake. My wife wanted a cupcake tower rather than an actual cake so we decided to geek out over the cake topper. Here's what we came up with.

And here we are cutting the cake.

What you guys think? Good idea? Or did we go a little too far for a wedding? (and yes Mario and Peach are fully edible)   read

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