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    "Why don't you go 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH' yourself."

    A memorable line from a memorable game (to me at least). I am of course talking about everyone’s favourite
    exploding bad guy, the Beheaded Kamikaze from Serious Sam. Though they have no head, they scream very
    loudly, making it easy to hear them coming. When shot, their bodies explode immediately, so trying to kill them in
    groups is always a good tactic.

    Serious Sam is better experienced with a friend, so that’s usually what I do when I play the game. In particular,
    it is made that much more enjoyable when all you do is spend 10-15 minutes or longer on every level you play
    just killing enemies. Seriously! But of all the countless enemies that have been slaughtered in the name of the
    human race by Sam, the Beheaded Kamikaze is by far the most memorable and one of the more dangerous
    enemies to deal with if you aren't careful.

    See, they have bombs in their hands and they run at you, as fast as they can. What do they do once they
    reach you? Why, blow up of course! In the hopes that they will take you out along with themselves! They're so
    friendly eh? Since they always come at you in groups (along with all the other baddies that are constantly
    coming at you), you had best be prepared to be shooting absolutely EVERYWHERE!! I found the best
    tactic is to always be moving and spinning around in circles to stop them from getting too close. Though there
    is always one or two of those screaming jerks that make it to you...

    With all this mass killing/genocide of enemies in the game, you would think their numbers would run low. But
    that would be far too logical, so there are just more and more that come at you. In every level too! Goes to
    show that Mental (their leader) just doesn't care. And to be honest, neither do we! We love games where we
    can kill mass amounts of baddies. Whether it be the aliens from Serious Sam or a massive horde of zombies
    from Left 4 Dead, we love it. Developers who make these games know all about this, so they obviously are
    going to make games that allow us to do just that: kill lots of enemies.

    So if you ever get so angry that you want to blow something up, go play a level of Serious Sam. A Beheaded
    Kamikaze will gladly oblige.

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