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8:04 PM on 07.09.2015

Counterpoint: Best E3 Ever? Most Overhyped is More Like It

[Warning:I'm about to get incredibly cynical here (and lazy with images :p). You were warned]

I've been waiting a bit before writing about E3 because I wasn't sure if my initial impression after the fact was wrong or it was just me overthinking things. But after a couple of weeks to let most reveals and news sink my initial feeling has only been reinforced. What's really unusual is that I seem to be the only one to have actually noticed how poor E3 this year actually was and everyone else is riding the hype train in a way that  publishers like EA, Activision, WB and Ubisoft can only dream of to sell mediocre and buggy games. You know,  the kind of hype that makes potential customers buy their stuff without questioning what it is they are buying.

In reality this wasn't the best E3 ever, but the most overhyped ever. A great E3 shows us not simply promises of games to come but actual gameplay of said games that really justify the hyped poured (the original Metal Gear Solid and Rising E3 trailers come to mind). Instead this year was mostly filled with promises, CGI and hype. Let's look at the conferences of the big 3 and the rest of publishers in a separate way to get where I'm driving at beginning with:


Let's address the obvious elephant in the room here first: Nintendo's presser was considered very weak. What is mind boggling is why it was considered  so weak, from my perspective the problem can be separated in 3 parts. The first part of the problem was on Nintendo's shoulders. think about it, by all standards the presser wasn't half bad. New games were announced (Star Fox Zero, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Triforce Heroes, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Hyrule Warriors 3DS), some games got a confirmation for release outside Japan (Fire Emblem Fates) and others got a confirmation for release this very year (Xenoblade Chronicles X and Yokai Watch) ALL with actual gameplay footage. Yet it could have been so much better if it had not been so willfully diluted by showing content outside of it (the whole Direct for Smash Bros on Sunday), leaks by third party partners (Koei accidentally letting slip Hyrule Warriors 3DS), not using games with readily available footage that are confirmed for release this year (Fatal Frame 5 in the US, Devil's Third in Japan), withholding some huge info (Starfox Zero is made by P* for fucks sake!) and failing to include some future releases (Rodea the Sky Soldier, Mighty Number 9, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Bravely Second).

The second part was the overly dramatic reaction by Metroid fans over the new 3DS spinoff and subsequent victim behavior as if Nintendo had announced the end of the IP. I can understand wanting a new main canon Metroid title but for the love of Miyamoto, the Metroid IP is part of the group that get games more often in each gen along with Mario, Zelda and Kirby. The reaction I witnessed was something you'd expect from the Kid Icarus or F-Zero fanbases in that situation, with near 20 and 12 year for a new game respectively. It was so bad that other publishers have become wary about revealing games to prevent that kind of insane backlash.

The third and final part of that problem came from Sony and MS' conferences, I mean they were really solid, right?. No, not really:


At first sight MS's presser achieved the impossible, it turned the tables for the XBone, overcoming an image problem it had since it's original reveal and became a decent rival for the PS4 once again. The biggest news was the announcement of BC with X360 titles, specially because it's something Sony can't easily duplicate unless they release a BC enabled PS4 model with a cell processor, but for that they'd have to either make it more expensive or price it the same $400 to sell it at a loss while simultaneously burning the 25 million customers that bought PS4s since launch. They also announced new IPs (ReCore, Sea of Thieves), sequels (Gears of War 4, Garden Warfare 2, Forza 6, Halo 5), some games got firm release dates (Rise of the Tom Rider) and even something that got Rare fans interested in the Xbone (Rare Replay). For the cherry on top MS showed the new hololens tech, awing the audience and giving people food for though about what new gaming possibilities this tech might bring.

Sounds good until you think deeply about it. For starters, BC? doesn't work directly with the discs but uses them as a key of sorts to prompt a download of the digital version of the game. This isn't so much of a problem until you realize 3 things:

  • A) It  means that the limited hard drive space on the Xbone is about to get much smaller, the same hard drive that you just can't swap as easily for a larger one as the PS4's case. I admit this won't be a big deal for many, but some won't like it.
  • B) BC compatible games are currently limited to a specific list (that supposedly will grow in the future),  that means that you owning the disc means jack unless the game shows up in the list. This is not that bad for 1st party titles but what about 3rd party titles?. Well, that's the next point
  • C) What incentive do 3rd parties have to drop releasing remasters in favor of letting their AAA games be made BC compatible for free? exactly, none. In fact, this is idea is further reinforced when you check the current compatibility list. Most of the games listed are either first party, MS published and in 2 cases they are part of Rare Replay.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that we get even a few BC titles, specially something like N+ because that means that there's an actual chance MS might mend one of their mistakes with the Xbone: not being able to play X360 XBLA games on the it. But at the same time I'm not gullible enough to think most 3rd parties will make their old games BC compatible unless there's something to gain from it, something like free press for new games like the case of Fallout 4 and Rainbox Six Siege. But besides that? it's gonna be a slow drip similar to the Nintendo VC and PSN classics again, if not worse because this is free after all.

Then there's the games announced, they fall into one of the following categories: CG trailer (Recore), 3rd party stuff that also will be available on PS4 even if it is eventually (Tomb Raider, Dark Souls 3, The Division) or sequel to first party IP (Gear 4, Halo 5). The first speaks for itself, specially in a world after Alien Colonial Marines, Watchdogs and Batman Arkham Knight (on PC) where we can't even trust alleged gameplay footage to be indicative of the final product. The second means that those that already have a PS4 have no real reason to buy an Xbone. The third is only relevant to people interested in these IPs that to be fair most likely already have and Xbone.

Last but no least is the hololens, to make things short I'll say it has the very same hindrances as Sony's Morpheus, meaning price tag and games that implement it. And if the Kinect is any indication, then it will be relegated to family and party games before being taken to the shed to put it out of it's misery or it's true potential will seen by the PC crowd with some custom apps. Bottom line, this won't go anywhere.

To sum things up, MS' biggest victory was getting back into gamer's good graces and into the race against Sony with what's essentially smoke and mirrors. Oh, and speaking of Sony.


Most people will agree that Sony's conference was pretty solid, specially after the trilogy of megatons formed by Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy 7 HD, yet much like MS', once you really start analyzing below the surface (and with a good deal of extra info from the weeks after E3) you realize it wasn't that groundbreaking.

Shenmue 3 was the biggest illusion of all, not only is it not confirmed as an exclusive and isn't even fully supported by Sony. Instead Sony merely gave the title a little extra press for it's KS campaign which wouldn't have looked so bad if not for the horrible mishandling of information in the week(s) after E3 were it seemed that every new piece of info only made it look worse:

  • A) The title is only partially funded by Sony: This doesn't look so bad once you consider Sony's financial situation and it's need to invest carefully and only in projects they can have some certainty of profit, you know, like PS Vue, PS Now, the Powers series and Gaikai's purchase.
  • B) Shenmue 3 won't be the last Shenmue: One would think that after having to wait for more than a decade, the previous 2 games in the series being commercial flops and needing the rise of crowdfunding to gauge interest and convince Sony to invest into making this game that Yu Zuzuki would be reasonable enough to finish his story with this game. Turns out he still wants to reach 11 games for the full story.
  • C) Shenmue 3 needs 10 million to achieve a true open world: I don't know what's worse, Sony not fully funding this game while wasting money on the other stuff from point A or the fact that even after this whole effort we may end up with Shenmue 3 Lite.

At least we still have The Last Guardian, the title that was rescued from development hell thanks to the PS4's extra power that made it possible. Oh wait, that's a lie, turns out the reason we've kept waiting for TLG for so damn long was because of an executive decision not because the PS3 couldn't handle it. I'd understand if TLG would have been in development for so long it couldn't be a launch title but at least a year 1 or 2 in the PS4 but not with 3 years of the library being 90% indies and PS360 remasters.

Then there was FF7HD. To cut to the chase, if anyone thinks S-E will release this game before the PS5 release they are really out of their minds and that's the least of the problems with this one. What am I talking about? well for starters seems the game will likely be put through changes beggining with the battle system. Now, I can understand having to update a few things and adding some tweaks, the problem is I just don't trust S-E to not screw things somehow. Didn anyone forget the screw up that was the FF10 PS4 port already? FF13's hallways? FF15's almost full decade of development? I could go on and on. And those are only the internal changes, then comes the changes that are being requested by the easily offended the first of which is for Tifa's bust to be removed. Knowing this particular crowd it's only a matter of time before petitions arise to change parts of the game due to violence against women for the purpose of advancing the story (Aerith's death), homophobia (the bath house scene), transphobia (the jokes while Cloud crossdresses) and whitewashing (Yuffie is a ninja and a white girl).

The rest of the presentation was CGI trailers, indies, 3rd party stuff that will likely hit  PC or/and the Xbone and VR stuff.


I could go on and analyze 3rd parties but I'll sum my thoughts by repeating that in a world after Watchdogs, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Arkham Knight on PC nothing but a detailed review or at least a developer with solid track record will convince me to be hyped for any game. While there's still a few devs that meet that criteria like Atlus, Nintendo and Platinum Games (and while I completely agree with Chris Carter's opinion that P* are the true winners of E3), it's sad to admit that they are either unsung heroes or criticized by their "fans" for not delivering exactly what they expected. What a disapointing E3 this one was.


4:56 AM on 03.29.2015

What if videogame devices were Saint Seiya cloths?

This isn't clickbait. This isn't some post aping on a certain "Transformers as consoles" recent article. This is facts interpreted through the lens of one of the greatest animes ever made. I've spent (5 minutes) time to come up with the answer to this existential question. The world needs to know: what if videogame consoles were Saint Seiya cloths?. Here are the cloths they would be:

Wyvern Surplice: Xbox One

Comparable to a gold cloth in power no one doubts this Surplice to be a part of the 8th gen from the start and caused a big impression the first time it was seen. However by using it you can't help but feel you're serving a dark master. Speaking of said master much like Hades it seems to have a split personality problem, going from progressive and caring by pioneering indies on XBLA to draconian and power hungry on 8th gen launch to sane and offering good competition again.

Sagittarius Gold Cloth: PS4

The poster child of the gold cloths and a fan favorite. Though indeed powerful, seems to spend more time being used in flashbacks by it's previous user (ports) than with a current one. As the series has progressed it has become more interesting and every now and then it displays it's true power, impressing everyone. Some wish it would finally become the MC's (gamers) main cloth instead of just having moments of grandeur every once in a while.

Phoenix Bronze Cloth (Post Sanctuary Arc): Wii U

Despite being a bronze cloth, with the right user (game) it can be comparable to a gold cloth. It has the uncanny ability to come back from the dead and revive excitement for it with every new first party game announcement. The perfect cloth for Nintendo that much like the Phoenix Saint seems to prefer fighting his way and completely alone.

Athena Cloth: PC

Despite being stronger than any other cloth and belonging to a deity it gets little screen time on its own, usually only for key roles after the “lowly saints and their cloths” have done most of the job. Although capable of doing anything a gold cloth can but better it virtually lives from its underlings borrowed glories doing just that, the same but better. Its masters’ blood eventually strengthens its underlings cloths making them stronger each gen. Once in a while does something unique and impressive.

Libra Gold Cloth: PS Vita

Despite its status of being a powerful cloth, immensely versatile and containing numerous weapons its also criminally underused. Like Sagittarius mostly showing up its amazing capabilities every once in a while, only much less often. Many fans also wish it was used as a main cloth instead of a bronze cloth.

Dragon Cloth (Post Sanctuary Arc): 3DS

Despite an impressive initial showing and possessing a solid shield (hardware) it fell victim to itself and was considered dead until Nintendo sacrificed its own blood (profits) to revive it, bringing it back stronger than it was before. It also seems to get more use from its user than the Libra Gold Cloth.

Steel Cloth: Apple Devices

Considerably better than the average man made armor (tech device) and possessing many tech functions but it still falls short to even bronze cloths. While it’s invaluable to the Steel Saints they belong to, its terrible for actual saints save the case of not having any option or if considered as a support armor rather than a main one.

And there you have it, you might have a different opinion but you'd be positively wrong, you can still voice it in the comments below though.

**Yes, this article was updated because I got some more ideas after initially publishing it, deal with it




2:46 PM on 08.16.2014

PSA: PS2 Atlus games discounted on PSN

Ladies, gentlemen, mysterious unidentified creatures of Dtoid, lend me your rears!. It has come to my attention that a good portion of you enjoy Atlus-made vidja-gaimus and that a lot of you also posses a PS3, well, today you are in luck.

 If you have the exorbitant amount of 50 bucks (you filthy capitalist pigs!) you can help yourselves to 8 great Atlus PS2 classics (Persona 3 and Odin Sphere don't appear in the image). Sure, most don't have that much of a discount ($2) but for the frugal gamers among you both Devil Summoner games are 4 bucks a piece and should be a no brainer.

What? you live outside the US? no problemo, just follow the instructions in this guide (courtesy of the Dtoider formerly known as Caimdark, now Caimdark Reloaded BTW) to solve that little issue.

OK, seriously, what is wrong with you? why are you still reading this when the opening image and blog title had all you need to know? GTFO and get those games before the deal expires. Go on, get off my lawn you damn kids!.   read

10:46 PM on 06.09.2014

Dtoid, we need to have a chat

I'm gonna go straight to the point: Dtoid, we've know each other for 7 years, I came here when I got a confirmation that my former go-to gaming site soul completely died (Gamespot's 'Cashwhore' debacle as it's know around these parts) and to be quite honest I'm seeing the same symptoms again right here.

The tipping point I saw just a few hours ago was the deletion of another member's post for what seems nothing else than the post hurting the sensibilities of women (AKA being 'misogynistic').

The post in question looked kind like this (here's the link to my reply to the mentioned post):

" Mega Man X or bust "

That's literally it, a sentence and a gif of jiggling anime boobs (in fact the original was way tamer than the one I've posted here).

I've seen this SJW attitude growing for a while here now and so far I had no problem with it because at the end of the day the poster's opinion were as valid as respected as any of the editors and mods as long as certain basic etiquette rules were maintained (no insults, no trolling, no racial/sexual slurs, you know the drill). This situation however has changed things.

If by some reason the site created new rules for posting and someone forgot to make a frontpage post about it I'll understand. Now don't get me wrong, I'll understand the staff are very busy and forgot inform the audience about it, but I'll also understand that whatever attitude I had dismissed as an overreaction before was in fact not an overreaction at all and I'll start slowly preparing to look for another community to join when the inevitable Dtoid version of Gamestop's "Cashwhore debacle" comes.

For those that support the SJ agenda and this kind of modding I'll remind you that a basic rule in life is that you only get what you give, if you want respect for your cause you have to give it first and no, just because what offends you comes from a group formed by a majority, silliness or even a puerile attitude doesn't justify disregarding that rule.

I've already sent a message to Andy Dixon asking him to look into things but I also wanted to write this open letter to give this situation as much exposure as possible and gauge the community's opinion.

Feel free to hit the comments but remember, though all opinions are valid none are exempt of criticism.

UPDATE!: the champion of Penisdom, Andy Dixon has interceded on boobs behalf and restored the post! boob jiggle has prevailed, boob-hatred has failed today! for great justice!   read

8:59 AM on 03.03.2014

Help me Dtoid PC Master Race, You're My Only Hope

OK, guys so here's the deal, straight up front this is a help request blog as my last resort after journeying thought the internet and not finding any help for my problem: 

The Situation

The good news is that I followed your advice and built a new PC to be able to finally play my Steam/HB library, the bad news is that I'm suffering from an annoying "The Nvidia Driver Stopped Working and Has Recovered" problem that keeps randomly crashing games and only games (seems to be a common problem with not one common fix and all the fixes I've tried have not worked.

The Rig in Question

Mobo: EVGA Z68 Sli Micro
Video Card: Geforce 550Ti
Ram: 8 Gb
CPU:Intel I3-3330
OS: Win7 x64

The Fixes That Have Been Tried and Failed

-Disable NVidia HD audio drivers 
-Update Realtek HD audio drivers to vanilla version
-Adjust PCI Latency to 128 (couldn't do it because there is no such option in my BIOS)
-Update Nvidia driver to version  314.22 (and several other versions)
-Run games using "-DX9" modifier
-Disabling Realtek HD Audio drivers

has anyone else had this problem? how did you fix it?

EDIT1: Added more stuff I've tried and failed
EDIT2: Added OS JIC.

Interesting development, seems the whole Nvidia 500 Series suffers of this problem:

The solution? you have to up the core voltage of the GPU.

The kicker? after going to the EVGA site, subscribing and downloading a special app to do it, the damn thing won't let me why? from the FAQ:

"Q. When I adjust voltage on my 600 series card, the value doesn’t stick! What do I do?

A. The 600 series cards are very dynamic, and adjust voltage in real time to match the operating frequency. On a 600 series card, the voltage slider specifies a "maximum" voltage. Note: On a 600 series card, setting a custom voltage level does not always allow for higher overclocks, in fact it may even decrease clocks by increasing heat and power draw. It is not recommended to change voltage on 600 series cards."

You can't make this shit up

NOTE: I take it this is a generic FAQ for the app since the site directed me to it after giving it my exact card model and OS so they're talking about the 500 series instead of the 600 series.

EDIT4: Seems we have a winner guys, despite seemingly not working I've had no crashes or problems since setting the voltage higher. Here's some pics to show what I mean:

1) These are the original settings the app showed, notice the voltage reading of 949 mv:

2) After clicking the "Voltage" option below "Monitoring" and "Test" (greyed) it opened this window that I set to 1050 and hit "Apply", the settings seemingly are applied but then go back to the original values in 1)

3)Funny thing after opening the "Voltage" option again the value showed remains "1050" so I decided to give it a try and play again to see if there was any issues and had no problems.

4)After finishing the play session and just in case I applied MyLandlord's suggested fix

All seems fine so far so unless there's another crash I'll consider it fixed.  Thank you everyone   read

10:00 AM on 11.01.2013

Because VIDEO GAMES: 7 things EdgyDude is Excited About

[Note: Since last time I posted this it got buried for having an old publishing date (blame it on me for taking 3 days to write it) I'm reposting it, blame ShadeOfLight for talking me into it.

Also, obligagory reminder to go buy Fatal Frame 1 and 2 from PSN sale, you can find a link to it further ahead]

So after reading ShadeOfLight's fantastic call to action, CousinDupree's and SeymourDuncan17's responses I looked back on the past month and realized that in fact, I HAVE plenty of good reasons to be excited about videogames too. Some are new and innovative and others are simply the product of doing a little digging and discovering hidden treasures of old.

So, let's cut to the chase and kick things with my 7 things to be excited about in videogames.

1) HD Collections, BC, Digital Distribution and GOG  Have Helped Me Enjoy The Great Games I've Missed on Previous Gens

They're 4 bucks each beginning Tuesday people, you owe it to yourselves to go buy them

If you read jjorgeil's fantastic blog (if you haven't, whats your excuse?) you probably have a new found understanding of some of the difficulties for us gamers in Latin America. Hell, even if that's not your case there's a 99% chance that just like me you too missed a great/cult/underdog game and some point and you're really curious to find out what the hype's all about.

If this was even 5 years ago you'd have to cruise the internet, eBay, Amazon or go out into town and pray to whatever superior being you pray to in hopes to find that game (and really ask for a miracle for it work properly/find it in good condition or find it without a scalping price in some cases). But at this point in time things have changed drastically and I dare say near 80% of the great games of the past are readily available in some way or form in digital distribution services, and they're even affordable to boot!.

Addenum to 1): Massive hat tip to CaimDark's Survival Guide to Gaming Outside North America, a very valuable resource to any gamer outside the US.

2) I Discovered Shin Megami Tensei Games and That Opened a Gate To A World of Wonders

Pictured: my gateway drug

Taken directly from the previous point ever since I played Persona 4 early this year i've fallen crazily and completely in love with anything made by Atlus. What I find more amazing is that even when going from P4 to P3 and losing some "upgrades" in mechanics it literally didn't bother me at all (a true testament to the fantastic design in Atlus games) after a couple of hours and the more I played the more I want to try other old (and new) Atlus games and discover more stories like these.

Hell I even dived into a Wiki of the series and read the lore for HOURS (be careful not to spoil yourself though) just to get more acquainted with the series.

3)Digital Distribution, Kickstarter And Humble Bundles are Helping The Indie Scene Kick Major Ass

A little while ago (wait, it's been 3 years?!) I wrote a little piece that predicted the indies becoming a force to be reckoned and a major cornerstone in the future of gaming. So looking at the current market, with the pathetic state of some publishers, scared and scrambling to shove all kind of failed and crappy schemes into their games in an attempt to survive while the indie scene thrives and renovates even the simplest concepts with creative new twists, I honestly couldn't be any happier.

Even if an industry crash happened I wouldn't care because I'd know that there's enough creativity and openly available resources out there to rebuild from scratch without any problem. And that is a truly exciting feeling.

Oh and speaking of AAA publishers

4) DLC, Microtransactions, Reaching for a Broader Audience and Other Stupid Practices are Biting Publishers in The Ass

And let's not even mention Capcom's financial situation

Granted, there's a fair bit of schadenfreude mixed with my excitement there but I still can't be happier about it, why? because they either get their act together and rise like a renewed phoenix or crumble like dried, old turds. There might be hope for some, but then again maybe it'll be business as usual, time will tell.

They can survive and be great, they just have to moderate their greed and find a balance between the business and the art.

5) Mega Man And Mighty Number 9

Hope is undying

Mega Man's fate might be unknown but if the new Smash Bros is his swam song then he'll ride into the sunset as the legend of gaming that he is. Save for Atlus I honestly can't come up with a better publisher to handle the blue bomber's final showing than Nintendo and that makes me happy, even if it is a bitter sweet happiness.

As for Mega Man's heir, Might Number 9? well...

*looks at point #4 on the list*

I think this video pretty much sums things up

6) Pokemon is Back Like It's 1999

Literally, everyone is playing it, not just kids but grown ups too. I've read reports and comments about campuses full of people playing it, I've even read stories about parents buying an extra copy to play with their kids!.

The advent of all the possibilities of the internet age and gaming going mainstream thanks to the Wii seems to have created the perfect ground for the Pokemon craze to make a return in full force, and I couldn't be happier about it.

7) The Unexpected Announcement of  Deception 4

The answer to this question?: Not anymore

OK, truth time, the announcement of Deception 4 was the first time I ever heard the series even existed but after digging through the comments section on that post I'm fairly excited about it for a couple of reasons, the first ties directly with point #1 on this list, granted, I have yet to try any game in the series but my interest in it has been fairly piqued.

The second is that the sequel it's being developed by the creator of the Fatal Frame  series, which effectively doubles my interest and excitement.

The final reason is that I'm seeing something more beyond the obvious in that announcement: The resurgence of mid-tier niche games in consoles. By the end of this gen gaming got divided into two major camps, AAA titles and indies with mid-tier games almost completely disappearing or jumping to handhelds. But my intuition tells me that this announcement signals something changing and that though those long lost IPs are going to see a resurgence in the PS360U generation of consoles when they AAA development becomes too much of a risk in the PS4/XBone.

I could be entirely wrong but the idea of that happening is enough to get me excited.

Now for my 8th and final poin-

Guy in audience: "Wait, I thought this was a 7 point list"

*throws hammer to the guy and knocks him cold*

See? this is why the unexpected can be dangerous, just ask that noseless dick, Voldemort. Dumbass got killed for failing to do a proper count. Moving on!

8) Most of my Thoughts Regarding the the Wii U seem to be on Point so Far

Above, Nintendo, circa December 2013

Early this year I wrote another piece  suggesting that Nintendo's Wii U "DOOOOOMED "situation (AKA the usual Nintendo situation) might not be as grim as everyone said it was and that just maybe there's a lot more going on that we suspected and Nintendo might once again give everyone a surprise by rising to the occasion and pulling through (AKA the usual Nintendo situation).

Granted, not everything is going EXACTLY as I expected, after all Sony didn't commit sepukku like MS and decided to leave the used game market alone (Thank INSERT YOUR PERSONAL SUPERIOR BEING NAME HERE) and the Wii U isn't quite in the clear yet, but so far, news seem to be positive.

*grabs a hammer*

So there you have it, those are the 7 things that have me excited about videogames recently

9) With This I Broke My Personal Record Of Writing Decent Posts On My Blog!

 My new record is the staggering amount of 2 whole non-crappy blogs in a year! NUFF SAID!   read

10:05 PM on 10.25.2013

Anyone wanna help me avoid becoming a pirate? [shortblog]

OK guys, here's the deal, I'm trying to take advantage of PSN's Sale of the Dead, however for REASONS Sony won't let me add funds to my wallet using Paypal ("transaction unsuccessful" every damn time) and when I tried to buy a $20 PSN code from Amazon I got a "codes only available in US" message, sooooo the way I see it I can take 2 routes:

1) Become a pirate: It's not like I want to but I can only take so much BS before snapping

2) Ask for help:  right now I got a code for a $20 Amazon Gift Card that I'm willing to trade for a $20 PSN code purchased from Amazon. Any of the regular Dtoiders living in the US wanna help?

If you are, post a comment here and I'll PM you, thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Problem solved guys, thanks to Caimdark for his suggestion as it worked flawlessly.   read

2:40 PM on 02.11.2013

Is Wii U's Touch Screen Controller a Red Herring Hiding a Deeper Strategy?

A couple of weeks ago in a comment thread a discussion arose about how Windows XP users and the HD twins are are holding back gaming development. At the time I thought it was a foolish idea but while writing a rebuttal I stumbled upon a much more interesting idea:

What if Wii U's touch screen is nothing more than a huge diversion hiding a deeper strategy?

Crazy? hear me out first and decide later. Let's start with...

The Myth of Underpowered Systems Delaying Gaming Progression

there's no such thing as small fry

By this point I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with the fact that almost every past gen of consoles the winner has turned out to be the most technically underpowered system in the race, but why is this? if the claim about underpowered systems holding back game development is true then why is it that systems with underpowered tech can still bring amazing experiences to the table and ultimately become the winners of the race over their more robust opponents?

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that it's those very technical constraints (or rather the embracing of the constraints) that actually encourage interesting game development when it comes to originality in games and the reason isn't a secret either: instead of tackling a problem with pure raw power, the use of clever tricks and workarounds to those limitations gives way to outbursts of brilliance that make a game stand out among it's peers and in some cases, become iconic landmarks in gaming.

Let's illustrate this with an example, in the original Silent Hill on PS1 the fog and darkness played a big part in the game limiting the players field of view which in turn contributed greatly to the claustrophobic feeling that made the game so memorable. Yet the fog wasn't something present in the original design but a solution to the PS1's technical limitations. Now can you imagine how Silent Hill would have turned out had the PS1 had enough raw power AND it's consequences on the franchise? you don't have to, Silent Hill HD Collection may be regarded as load of crap by many but it shows us just exactly how plain Silent Hill 2 could have been had it not inherited it's iconic fog from it's predecessor.

how things could have turned out

"But what about multiplatform games, don't the lower specs affect them?"

Sure, they may look better on a rival system, so what? did PS2 owners avoid Resident Evil 4 on their system just because it looked better in Gamecube? did X360 users shun Skyrim just because it looks better on a state of the art PC? of course not, granted, they might think it doesn't look as good at first but once they've immersed themselves into the game's experience they don't really care; Let's be honest, by the point you've slayed your first dragon or survived the boss battle with Del Lago your inner graphics whore has been gagged, tied and thrown into your mind's basement for quite a while. preemptive *rollseyes* to "THAT'S MISOGYNISTIC!" comments

But just to make sure, let's go the other way, do graphically impressive games have any similar effect? Final Fantasy XIII and Crysis come to mind when I think graphically impressive yet most people will have a hard time pointing something truly memorable about them besides their impressive visuals (at the time of release). Sure, some of you might argue that I willingly picked the easiest targets of the bunch to validate my point, but in all honesty even if I come up with a group of visually stunning games I'd still fail to see anything "progressive" on 80% of them, the reality is that 8 times out of 10 a brilliant idea that later became a staple on a genre came from a game that relied on wits rather than the system's raw power for it's design.

Even when graphical power doesn't play a big role in a game, there's much better chances to achieve something significant by craftily working with the available resources than to push further the eye candy. A perfect example of this point would be Pokemon: in a system were graphics were pretty much restricted to shades of the same color, Pokemon shined by using the Game Link Cable in a more creative way than simply adding multiplayer by introducing Pokemon exchange. The results? a revitalization of the Game Boy sales and a world wide craze.

The Achilles Heel of PS4 and X720

he had it all going for him... and he still bit the dust at the end of the movie

A little while ago an interesting post popped up in the front page detailing alleged leaked specs of the PS4. Now for the rest of this writing I'm going to assume that the final specs of Sony's and Microsoft's next gen consoles are at least similar to these.

Now with the previous points established and our theoretical specs defined let's cut to the chase, the biggest hurdle to success the PS4 and X720 face is precisely the raw power that comes with those specs. If you guessed that it has to do with development costs, then you're absolutely right and yes, this is nothing new, other savvier community members have touched this subject many times before, pointing how publishers resort to creating new tactics to monetize games (HT to Alan Argentina), so let me present the three scenarios I see:

1) Prettier games, bigger budgets: This is the same as usual scenario of all gens up to the 6th gen, a new gen of consoles arrives and better looking games with it, the main problem here is that development budgets on the 7th generation of consoles broke the point of stability for game development. In addition to this, publishers pushed harsher regulations, controls and tactics on studios making it so that a single failure could potentially put a studio in hot water.

Given the specs presented earlier one can only imagine how much will budgets rise in the 8th generation of consoles, and it doesn't take much thinking to realize how this could go horribly wrong. All we have to do is look at the fairly common news about studio's staff layoffs and closures these recent years and take it to a bigger scale to get a very ugly picture of how things could turn out.

2) Similar games, bigger budgets: In this scenario both studios and publishers realize the problem the new consoles bring and decide to stick to making games with similar graphics to current gen but on a broader scale, to get an idea of what I mean imagine GTA games at least 3 or 4 times the size of Grand Theft Auto 4 with it's expansions included, not prettier, just larger with more interactivity and details.

Once again the problem in this case comes when eventually it results in a similar situation to the previous scenario, with budgets rising not due to prettier graphics but greater development time required to create a game of such scale.

3) Similar games, same budgets: In this scenario both studios and publishers realize the problem the new consoles bring and decide to stick to games similar to the offerings of the 7th gen. This works for them but puts the onus on Sony and Microsoft to justify paying for a new console that doesn't bring anything new to the table.

In this scenario the new consoles are brought down by their own manufacture costs as Sony and Microsoft would be unwilling to offer price drops any time soon after release, hence causing slow adoption, hence fewer devs and publishers willing to take a risk making games for them past the launch line up. Think something resembling the current PS Vita situation but on home consoles.

Enter the Wii U

like this but with a touch screen for distraction purposes

Combining all previous info, we know that a powerful console doesn't necessarily make great games and that in fact, hardware more powerful than the 7th gen of consoles carries huge economic drawbacks to development, so why don't the same rules apply to Wii U? well, here's the way I see it:

1)Everyone's obsessed with the "tablet controller": For better or worse, to praise or criticize, intentional or not by Nintendo, the fact remains that when it comes to the Wii U pretty much everyone has given a lot of focus to the new controller. One of the first things to pop into a Wii U discussion is the new controller, from gamers to critics it's so prevalent that even Nintendo's rivals seem to be already preparing tech of their own to try and counter Nintendo's new threat (SmartGlass and Wonderbook anyone?). The key here lies in the controller becoming a red herring that blinds rivals (and pretty much everyone) to the rest of advantages on the Wii U's corner, namely:

2) Cheaper development budgets: To put this in simple terms, this is like the joke where two guys are running from a bear and one tells the other "Why do you run? you can't outrun a bear!" to which the other guy replies "I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you!". Game development on Wii U doesn't have to be cheap, just considerably cheaper when compared to it's 8th gen opponents.

3) Better specs than 7th gen consoles but not enough to require much bigger budgets: Roughly speaking, we could say Wii U sports (LOL) twice the resources of 7th gen consoles but doesn't require doubling the development budget to make games for it. Star Wars 1313 is said to run on current gen consoles and it looks amazing, now imagine how much devs could improve that with twice the resources without incurring in the risk of their budget having to bloat drastically.

4) This isn't your parents' Nintendo: With the Wii U Nintendo has shown a greater compromise towards embracing new tech, and despite jokes about them finally reaching 2006 the reality is that what they've done so far isn't half bad, is there still room for improvement? no doubt, but compared to their prior stance they've advanced tremendously and they still seem committed to keep getting better (even if some of the things they do are still puzzling).

5) Time is on the Wii U's side: it's no coincidence that Nintendo launched the Wii U at least year prior to the launch of Microsoft and Sony's new consoles (estimating a December 2013 release), when I made a point about Star Wars 1313 looking great in 7th gen consoles I also omitted the fact that it took them 5-6 years to reach a level of expertise with the hardware good enough to produce such a game. Wii U's got half of that covered with it's specs alone but giving devs time to get to know the hardware will only produce even better results. Another reason to release early is to use the time to grow a user base for the console.

6) This is the second time Nintendo has used a similar strategy, the first time being the Wii:

"Wait, what?"

Keep reading

I'm Having A Weird Deja Vu Feeling Here

this is all just in my mind, or is it?

From my perspective this is actually the second time (at least on home consoles, it's fourth if you count the DS and 3DS' touch screen and 3D screen respectively) Nintendo pulls this type of strategy on us, sounds unbelievable? let's see the similarities first:

a) Wii and Wii U use slightly beefed up "old" tech (when compared to competitors in their respective gen) that was initially met with disbelief and even mockery.
b) Wii and Wii U have a controller perceived to be the main weapon of Nintendo's new hardware (and to be fair it is a weapon, just not THE weapon).
c) Wii and Wii U require smaller budgets to develop games (when compared to competitors in their respective gen)
d) Wii and Wii U released close to the start of their respective generations.
e) Wii's main weapon to success was perceived by their competitors to be it's gimmicky controller and based on this perception counter measures of their own were developed but eventually failed to make any significant dent on the Wii's market. Again, in Wii U's case we're already seeing something similar with Wonderbook and SmartGlass.

OK, now that I've established the similarities between systems let me show you how this strategy works in theory:

1) Release a system with beefed up "old" tech but with a gimmick, it (the controller in this case) will attract audience attention at first and act as a red herring to drive attention away from the rest of the plan (steps 2 to 7).
2) Let devs and publishers realize the huge risk that development budgets for games on competitor systems can create for them.
3) Release first party games which:
3.1) Show audience and devs that system is capable of graphical prowess despite its "inferior" specs
3.2) Show devs and publishers how to use gimmicky controller in ways to attract audience attention
3.3) Show devs and publishers how much safer budget/profit/risk wise the system is compared to competitors.
4) Ignore competitors aping your gimmick feature, by the time these "counter measures" reach the market they are doomed to fail because your gimmick is just a red herring that has accomplished it's purpose of attracting audience attention and misdirecting competitors attention from the rest of the plan. Also they are add-ons with an additional price tag.
5) Let devs and publishers flock back to your system and release games for it making a huge library of games.
6) Now that you have audience attention and great library of games, profit!

Now the points where theory and reality diverge are step 2 and 5. On step 2 this is revealed by the increase in frequency of news about studio closures, whether this happened because devs and publishers didn't realize the risks and toll of overblown budgets, thought they could beat them or didn't care is irrelevant. On step 5, the massive library of games was mostly composed of low quality, unpolished or shoehorned motion control games mostly aimed at the (perceived) casual audience game developers saw in the Wii. This in turn made Nintendo almost the sole provider of quality experiences on the Wii for a long time but also tarnished the system's reputation as a money pit for 3rd parties. Despite this situation the Wii managed to generate a sizable amount of profit for Nintendo.

So, after understanding how Nintendo's strategy works and seeing the Wii U's current situation regarding 3rd party support considering most games to be released this year don't have a Wii U version, the question here is: what exactly is preventing the Wii's situation from happening again on the Wii U?

What's Different This Time Around

spot the 7 differences!

A lot in fact, so let me break this into 2 categories :

Devs and Publishers

Unlike the start of the 7th gen, publishers are already feeling the financial pressures of raising game budgets and scrambling to find new ways to extract more money out of the same products, we've seen this with the introduction (and distortion) of ideas like DLC, season passes and microtransactions. Then there's the inclusion of other tried and true tactics such as double dipping (GOTY Editions anyone?) or ideas that are not even logically justifiable such as online passes.

A more recent tactic is the release of HD collections of titles from the 6th generation of consoles, this is yet again a move to get more money out of existing assets with minimal effort when compared to developing a game from scratch. This particular tactic has even been extended to successful 7th generation series like Mass Effect, Bioshock and Assassins Creed (I'm gonna take a chance and predict Dead Space will follow suit in a few months). Another less spread variation of this approach is to port successful titles from portable devices, for example God of War (even coupled with double dipping) and Resident Evil Revelations (and if recent comments from a Mercury Steam dev are anything to go by, I suspect Castlevania's unreleased 3DS entry has strong chances to see an HD version on consoles should the 3DS release prove profitable and popular enough).

By far the most common strategy is the trend of mainstreaming IPs to appeal to broader audience, one that in fact has produced less than satisfactory results, after all if a main entry from a long standing franchise selling 4.8 million copies is deemed a failure then what are the survival chances of newer, not so popular IPs?. Considering the leaked PS4 hardware specs imagine just how much budgets will rise and what consequences this could bring to publishers, see where this is going?.

But the final nail in the coffin for the PS4 and X720 has to be the much needed reality check to publishers brought by the fall of THQ in January. Yes, studios closing has become fairly common in recent years, but publishers managed to survive games failing to meet sales expectations by closing studios and keeping their IPs, not this time around though. Publishers would have to be crazy not to feel at least a little concern regarding this matter considering it wasn't a small publisher of niche titles like XSEED but a fairly big one with recognizable franchises to it's name like Saints Row and even annual sports IPs like the WWE series.

Finally, the reason the Wii U won't be flooded with poor quality games is simply because unlike the Wii it's not nearly as safe budget wise, yes it's cheaper to develop for it in comparison, but not cheap enough so everyone and their mother can release a poor quality game and fail horribly without causing some serious damage. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure we'll see a few games aimed at families, kids and the "casual audience" in general, but they won't be as many nor as poorly designed as some of the games released on the Wii.

Hardware Makers

For hardware makers, the overall general situation at the start of the 8th gen is almost complete reversal of the previous one, unlike the beginning of the 7th gen Nintendo has no problems in the money department, in fact after raking it in with the Wii and DS they have enough liquidity to experiment and try things they would have handled very carefully before, we've already seen this to an extent with them implementing a better online service, a better eShop, a working Miiverse, relaxing requirements for publishing games in the eShop and doing away with fees for game patches and fixes, all this within the first year of the Wii U.

Microsoft on the other hand has just started receiving profits from his gaming division in 2011 with the release of Kinect (only to go back to red numbers not long after), i'm guessing that's the reason behind the rumors of a Kinect V2.0 integrated on the X720. Another problem for MS is the big stain in their reputation left by the RRoD, cheap hardware may have given them cost advantages with the X360 but that won't work twice if gamers even smell something similar with their new console and this is without even taking into account rumors about the X720 blocking used games.

Finally Sony who went from being the pack leader to last place, not only has it had four straight years of loses, had it's credit rating cut by three levels to -BB(essentially "junk") but also has been having trouble keeping the Vita afloat. Sony's dire situation even caused the once mighty Playstation brand to take an 86% slump in profits on Q3 2012. At least there's no signs they have considered blocking used games like Microsoft did... oh wait.

Considering all this, Sony and Microsoft have little if any room to maneuver should things go wrong for their new consoles somewhere down the line. Even in the event they chose to take the wait and see approach and go into a war of attrition Nintendo is still in a much better position than either of them.

In Closing

Closing, Closer, any excuse to post stripper Natalie Portman

To close this already long post, I think there's a lot more to Wii U than meets the eye and while others have presented some interesting perspectives as to why Wii U could be the big winner in the race of the 8th gen consoles, IMHO they have only scratched the surface. Of course this is all coming from my point of view and as the Wii proves even best made plans can take unexpected turns in reality. But all in all, I think Nintendo has planned this more thoroughly than we give them credit for.

Clarification: the opening image may or may not be based on Conrad Zimmerman.
Also tune in next week for "50 Shades of Wii U: A Sex Story"   read

8:25 PM on 08.24.2010

Teh Bias: They Don’t Make’em Like They Used to Anymore

Since the theme for this monthly musing was announced I’ve been thinking long and hard about the possible bias in gaming I could have (if any really, it's me we're talking about after all) and after excruciating effort I found a somewhat unexpected answer: the Wii, i know right? shocking! I’ll give you a few minutes to let the thought sink in… done? good, the thing is it was only after reading some interesting news, editorials and articles from both community members and editors I came to realize what is it that makes me so biased to that particular console: oldschool gaming values.

You see, as a guy that started gaming at the age of 6 with an Atari 2600 I’ve seen many changes come and go in the industry and while the majority have been technology related most of those were aimed at improving and add to the overall gaming experience and make better, more enjoyable and deep games, at least until this generation that is, from the cheap but faulty hardware of the X360 to Sony’s use of the PS3 to push the Bluray format with the consequence of a overblown price at the beginning of this gen most changes have been for the developers and hardware makers benefit at the expense of the consumer.


We’re all aware by now of the “mediocre shoehorned multiplayer” syndrome even "AAA"games seem to suffer these days but the issue that seems to have passed unnoticed is the gradual vanishing of the local multiplayer option in favor of online multiplayer only (something that now seems will become standard to pay for), personally I find this unacceptable in more than one way, economically since now you need another console, copy of a game and internet connection for each player instead of an extra controller and in a technical way considering how much the “incredible processing power" of the HD twins is touted left and right by both fans, devs and hardware makers.

Not gonna happen

This is especially more obvious to someone that enjoyed dozens upon dozens of hours of Super Contra co-op and even more time than that on the Goldeneye multiplayer in crazy 4 player matches with his best friends two console generations ago (and that if things turn out well will get to do that all over again once more on the Wii).

Single Player Mode

Related to the previous point, a side effect of the unnecessarily excessive focus on multiplayer mode this gen has been the reduction of quality and length of the single player campaign in games, in the best case scenario this reduces or compromises the length and/or development, polish and quality of the main campaign, but in the worst case it completely crushes any good point the game could have had originally. In contrast the limited online support the Wii has compels most devs to choose focusing solely on main campaign mode. Ironically even with a solid single player campaign and the limited online support compared to X360/PS3 there are still instances where devs have made a real effort to balance the multiplayer component (offline or online)

Single Player mode done right

Online Capability

Now we come to the very defining feature of this generation (or in this post’s case the main problem), the ability of consoles to download content from the internet for various purposes such as upgrading it’s software to add features, buy/add new content to games, get patches to fix problems that went unnoticed during development and even offer a chance for smaller developer studios to display the results of their efforts in an equal ground to the big boys (shameless plug is shameless), all this aimed to enhance the gaming experience… or at least that was the intention, problem is this new feature in consoles has taken a generally negative twist in the various ways its used.

The system upgrades in the HD twins which are supposed to add or enhance features have turned into frequent, tedious, cumbersome chores (most likely due to poor coding) resulting in an extension of even 20 minutes from the insertion of a disc in the console and the start of the game, the increase of failure rates or even clumsily take away features instead of adding new ones, and while the Wii is certainly not exempt of this problem, it is also true that it is a far less common situation.

DLC began as an interesting idea to add value to a purchased game for additional fair price, and while it's true that some developers have followed that initiative it is much more common to see the concept twisted into a near rip-off situation where they shamelessly admit to removing content from full games to sell later as extras or charging for recycled content. I find it pretty ironic that what others consider a detrimental flaw or even an archaic design on the Wii is under my point of view a relief to my fears of buying a chopped game to be further nickel and dimed as a consumer later down the line.

The worst part is that not even what could be a saving grace on it's own of this feature, game fix patches, has been done properly or without taking a turn for the worse. The "buggy game" ratio during this gen seems to have drastically spiked, even development studios once know for their fine attention to detail and QA seem to have traded their "quality comes first" mentality for "let's release as is and issue a patch to fix things later", in some cases MUCH later. While in all honesty i have found myself really wanting this feature on certain occasions on the Wii, on the other hand i've also found it very satisfying that developers taking the route of laziness have been forced to bite the bullet and face the music for their unprofessional conduct.


So am i biased to the Wii?, don't even doubt it, but still after all the previously exposed reasons what i find mind boggling is how it gets so much hate in contrast to other consoles mostly based on being underpowered in comparison, sure all consoles have in the past have taken flak at some point for some reason, but to me its incomprehensible that people that call themselves "core gamers" and that enjoyed the wonders delivered in consoles like the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, PS1, Dreamcast, N64, Snes, Genesis, Nes and Atari 2600 can be so blindly critical to what could perhaps be the last console to offer a similar to it's predecesors, wholesome, pro-consumer gaming experience, why do i say this? because i'm also not deceiving myself and while i would like to believe that Nintendo's next home console will keep everything that made the Wii awesome in my eyes, i too have to face the possibility that Nintendo being just another company no different than the rest will embrace the new way of doing business and will design it's next home console to resemble or add features from the X360/PS3 architecture in order to appeal more to the old market. So while some of you keep shouting about the coolness of your 1080p definition, humongous harddrive size, online matches and DLC on your HD console of choice i'm gonna be over there playing with my Wii and having fun in the exact same way i've done for the last 20 something years, because this might be the last console i have the chance to do that before becoming a nagging old man reminiscing about the old days when games were about mad fun and not a popularity contest between companies that only care about raising their profit margins at the expense of their customers.

You know kids, when i was young i played the greatest game ever on the Wii, Skyward Sword, that was a real fun, long, awesome game, not like these 3 hour, 80$, 2048p, cookie cutter bloodfests with dumb stories they make nowadays   read

8:57 PM on 05.23.2010

Fanboy Rage! [shortblog]

Is what we're gonna see once PS3 fanboys get a whiff of this XD

Seriously now, i think companies should invest a wee bit more of budget in the QA department, cuz this gen embarrassing screw ups seems to be the new standard.

Source: AllGamesBeta   read

8:49 PM on 03.27.2010

Wanna know 2010's AAA game release dates? i gotcha covered [shortblog]

Or rather VG247 has all of us covered thanks to a document leak from GAME, a very tasty one if i may add, but enough talk here's the highlights:

* Band Hero 2 - October
* Brink - September
* Call of Duty 7 - October
* Crysis 2 - September 24
* Fallout: New Vegas - October
* Guitar Hero 6 - September
* Singularity - June 28
* New Borderlands DLC - April 9
* Dead Rising 2 - September 3
* Kane & Lynch 2 - August 27
* Metal Gear Solid Rising - September 24
* Naughty Bear - June 10
* Yoga Natal - October (Natal confirmed for October?)

Also of note:

- Highlander (There can be only one!)
- James Bond Racing (if you guessed "licensed crap from Activision" you are correct)

source: VG247   read

12:40 PM on 03.03.2010

Heavy Rain has a nudity glitch

Want a reason to stop bitching about glitches in Heavy Rain? well, how about a glitch that let's Madison Paige walk around naked?, apparently one user found a glitch that let's you do just that (though he has yet to reveal the method to achieve said glitch) and posted a video as proof.

Is it just me or anyone else thinks it's freaky she has nothing down there? also, in before someone finds a Scott Shelby version of the glitch *shudders*

Update: here's a little more info on how to reproduce the glitch, still incomplete though

"It comes in the sex scene featuring in the level “On The Loose” with Madison and Ethan. The player refused to kiss Madison with Ethan, but, somehow, managed to trigger the scene anyway.

Reload the save game afterwards, and there you go: you have her in her full glory."

info taken from vg247   read

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