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Edge of Space avatar 8:39 AM on 01.05.2013  (server time)
ArkCo Weekly News #5

ArkCo Weekly News #5

Happy New Year, ArkConauts! Hard to believe that it's 2013!! 2012 flew by us by so fast! Today I want to talk a bit about the journey we've taken together. It was only 6 short months ago that Edge of Space completed Kickstarter, and we buckled down to begin the real work of pushing it all from alpha into early beta. It has been an amazing experience, and we couldn't have done it without the
support of our many fans and followers! In December, we have seen the game start to shed it's beta feel more rapidly. To be sure, we've still had many a bug to squish, but we've steamrolled over each one, improving the performance and look of the game drastically.

For those who backed our kickstarter, and remember the early beta days, it's nothing short of astonishing. The first time players got to see it, the game consisted of 1 biome, the ability to move around, and shoot a gun at a couple of the local varieties of wildlife. This shot was taken 4 months ago:

Only 2 months later, Edge of Space had biomes, lighting was coming together, and the game was starting to show it's more alien side. Gone was the entire world being generated as the dirt biome, and players got an idea of a few more of the areas they would encounter. This shot shows one of our intrepid ArkCoNauts exploring a cave in one of the new biomes:

Today the look and feel of the game are really coming together. Players can build, craft, explore, manipulate back and foreground tiles, placeables, and more! The launch version features are getting put back more and more each week. As we move forward, more people see the vision we do when we look at Edge of Space. Our plans for the game's future just keep growing. Here's to future development and seeing where it takes us! For more information or to check out what's happening between blogs, you can stop by our forums at

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you guys next week for the ArkCo Weekly news!

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