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Edge of Space avatar 2:38 PM on 02.23.2013  (server time)
ArkCo Weekly News #12 - Holopets, At Your Service!

ArkCo Weekly News #12

At ArkCo, we definitely love our surprises! Just two days ago we rolled out our newest patch, which was primarily increasing the performance of the game through Paul's coding wizardry. Still, we couldn't resist sneaking in a few goodies, such as a brand new spawn animation, spawn pod, and even the first 3 holopets that have abilities beyond just looking cute! The "firefox" pet has already become a community favorite, lighting the way in dark places and helping ArkCoNauts venture deeper into the dark caves where resources are more likely to hide. Along with him come our nurse cat, who heals you along the way, and our beetle, who keeps you charged with plenty of energy as you explore. They are just a glimpse into some of the ways pets will help their masters.

For our question of the week, we asked Jake to talk about what else we might see from Edge of Space's little companions.

Q:Can you tell us a bit more about the pets, and what players might
see from them in the future?

A: Jake: Holopets will come with a variety of slight bonuses to help the player along. As seen, we currently have 3 test pets out that actually serve purposes. Other kinds of purpose that they can offer could be buffing various stats on the player, procing effects, group buffs, ect. Holopets are meant to be supportive but not necessarily crazy powerful additions. They are an extension of a utility, because sometimes its nice to get that little extra bit of energy/health/light/exposure resistance etc, when you need it.

On the community side this week, we are gearing up for a special livestream event Monday night at 7PM EST, when we appear on Destructoid's livestream! We have cooked up a wonderful surprise to show off, and we also have a very special announcement that will be made during the stream. Both should prove to be very interesting, and more than a little crazy, but that's the Handyman way!

This week we want to take time to remind everyone about Steam Greenlight. Please don't forget about it! This battle is far from over, and every single vote counts. We're gaining momentum, but we have to rise to the challenge and hold that level of interest. Vote, get your family and friends to vote, and don't let up! We need the community behind us now more than ever. You can find the Greenlight page here:

Keep your eye on the community this next week, as several big announcements come your way! Thanks for reading, and stay awesome!

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