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Edge of Space avatar 11:15 AM on 07.06.2013  (server time)
ArkCo News #23 -Early Access!!

What a week!! When Edge of Space Greenlit back on May 1st, the community exploded, and we couldn’t believe what a great response we had to the game. The support was amazing, and we had so many people rushing in to congratulate us. Last Friday, the 28th of June, we launched on Steam Early Access. To say that this last week has been crazy for us is an understatement. The game has done better than we could have hoped, and we have been humbled by the response to the game, and to us as a team. We have been delighted by the feedback pouring in from all of the new players, helping us to continue to make EoS the best it can be. It’s going to be even more exciting for us now as we roll out the new content and features, and watch everyone experience it for the first time. With one patch already out since getting on Early Access, we’re moving right along with squishing the worst bugs that crept up on Steam. Overall, the launch went very well, Arkdrop didn’t even explode, so we are definitely grateful for that as well.

On the community side, the team is planning some late summer fun in the form of another event. It will be a blast to get all of our new players involved, and give everyone a chance to win some free games to boot! This event is going to be a different direction for us, so we hope that we get plenty of feedback when it’s done, and that everyone has a good time with it. We encourage everyone to sign up for Divisions before the event hits, you can find the signup here:

Divisions Signup Thread

We’re going to be doing more frequent community polls in the coming weeks as well, as a way to get to know our new members and hear your thoughts and ideas on the community as a whole. We’ve got some fun ideas, but we know you guys have even more, so we look forward to that feedback and really ramping up the community experience.

Tonight we will be livestreaming for the first time since getting on Early Access, so we’re excited to talk to everyone, hang out, and answer all of your questions. If you haven’t already, we encourage everyone to follow our channel to get notifications when we stream. The fun kicks off at 7PM Eastern time on our channel:

We can’t thank everyone enough for the amazing support and feedback over the last week, and we’re more excited for the future of Edge of Space than ever before. Stay awesome, and we’ll see you next time for ArkCo News!

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