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Edge of Space avatar 1:40 PM on 06.15.2013  (server time)
ArkCo News #21 - It Keeps Getting Better!

This last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for the team, working to re-integrate everything back into the game after the Rebirth patch. We're very pleased with the way things are coming together, and we think the community will agree. So many exciting features are close to completion now, with more being added to that list every day. One thing that players are taking note of is the visual improvements to the game. Our artists continue to amaze us and the community with better work all the time, and Edge of Space is taking on a far more polished look.

On the community side, we are working on several fun projects for the summer. The community team is hard at work on planning another event, as well as a surprise that we won't give spoilers on just yet. Let's just say we think it will be a nice little perk to being around the forums. We're excited to see how everyone reacts to the summer event this year, as we're going in a different direction than previous events. Keep an eye on the forums for information in the coming weeks!

Tonight's livestream should be plenty of fun as well, with a preview of the upcoming new patch. Work has been going so quickly, and we have plenty to show off. The power grid is undergoing changes, as well as new features coming into the game. Be sure to come and check it out tonight at 7PM Eastern at:

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next time for the ArkCo News!

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