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Edge of Space avatar 2:50 PM on 06.01.2013  (server time)
ArkCo News #19 - Rebirth!

It's been awhile since our last issue of ArkCo News, but the team has been locked deep in the labs, working to bring out the latest patch. After a wait that left some of our ArkCoNauts on the brink of insanity, we have finally done it! The Rebirth patch rolled out earlier this week, and players were left quite shocked by all the changes. Rebirth was more than just a typical patch to the game, it amounted to a near complete re-write of all the code, setting us up for a much easier and more streamlined integration of the rest of the game's upcoming features. We'll take a bit here, and outline a few of the most striking changes.

This patch marked the first time that Edge of Space has been playable in true singleplayer mode, without having to connect to localhost. Players have been giddy over the simplicity and ease of booting up the game, clicking singleplayer, and hopping in to start exploring their new world. Along with this change comes the first time that locally saved characters can move between maps. Characters, and their inventories can be used across as many maps as a player chooses. This is to prepare for later server functionality, where a server host will have the choice to let people onto their server with previous characters, OR lock the server to new characters only.

The UI is another massive improvement, featuring much more intuitive controls. Switching between tools now is as simple as pressing Q or E, allowing you to scroll quickly and easily between anything equipped to your toolbar. Equipped items are changed via the inventory screen, by adding items to the toolbar slots. Mining has become easier and more convenient as well. Rather than having to hold down right click to mine back tiles, or left click to mine foreground, changing modes is now as simple and direct as a single right click, even while holding down the left click and continuing to work. The player response to it has been very positive so far, though we realize it takes some getting used to.

The best news for our fans however, is that from here on out we can return to our much shorter dev cycles, and far more frequent patching. We have already pushed a full bug fix patch, and a hotfix patch in the short couple of days since Rebirth was released. Players can now craft cryopods and bind themselves to them, armor is back in and craftable, and the first parts of the new death system have been implemented. Features that were still under construction are already on their way back in, and we can now focus on finishing the re-integration of those features as well as continuing to add new ones. We really want to say again that we appreciate everyone's patience over the last couple of months, you guys have been amazing! We are looking forward to being much less silent in the weeks to come! Stay awesome, and we'll see you next time for the ArkCo News!

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