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3:34 PM on 02.16.2013

ArkCo Weekly News #11 - Networking!

ArkCo Weekly News #11 - Networking!

The key word here at ArkCo this week is definitely networking, both in terms of Edge of Space, and in the community! Following Monday's huge feature patch, it's back to fine tuning the game to continue to improve performance. The next patch will be less visible to the users, but the introduction of features such as exposure,outposts generating in the world, armor with exposure defense stats, and atmosphere generators has pushed the game closer to a sense of progression. No longer is it possible to jump off the edge of a planetoid and freefall to the lower layers of the world. We are happy with the more challenging feel coming into the game, as it presents you with more reason to spend time playing.

This has also been an exciting week for us on the social side, as we have had an opportunity to reach out and meet many other indie game developers. We are especially excited to have met "Grim" Gary Blauvelt, developer of project Epica Rex, currently in it's InideGoGo campaign. Tonight's livestream will be a treat to fans of both Epica Rex and Edge of Space, as Gary joins us to talk about his game, and spend some time playing Edge of Space. The ability to reach out to fellow developers, and work together to support each other is one of the most enriching aspects of the indie development community. It is wonderful to see the Epica Rex community, as well as others, joining us on the network and helping to make it a true home for indie gamers!

This week, we pulled lead developer Jake Crane away from his work briefly, to ask him our first question of the week, something we will include in the newsletter each week!

Q: What is one feature of Edge of Space that people can look forward to seeing in the next couple of patches? Can you tell us a bit about it?

A: Jacob: The next patches will be focused on further battle hardening, networking and making sure everything is stable while moving in more content for testing.We moved in a lot of systems with the two week patch, so we want to ensure that everything is ship shape before we start doing the large content implementations. We're also working on a something special behind the scenes that should be exciting when we release it.

What would an indie game studio be without secrets? Be sure to keep an eye on the community for announcements. Our forums are always open, and updated often!

Thanks for reading, and stay awesome!   read

12:24 PM on 02.09.2013

ArkCo Weekly News #10 - Gaining Momentum!

ArkCo Weekly News #10

Wow! ArkCo news #10 already! Hard to believe we've been writing that long, but it's pretty exciting. What started out as a recap to things we posted during the week, has evolved into a chance to talk with players and newcomers alike, and present the ever changing picture of Edge of Space, and where it's going. The game is coming together so well now, it's surprising even to us! We've mentioned before that sometimes things just flow together so well, even better than expected, and that's absolutely been the case over the last couple of weeks. The frameworks that we put in place as the foundations for the core features are really paying off. Lead designer/CEO Jake even remarked, "Things are coming together TOO well!" It's been a question of where to stop for the next patch, trying not to include so much that players would be overwhelmed. It's a great position to be in as a developer, not worried about having enough content, but instead having so much to choose from.

This week we're very excited to show players the new UI! The community has been awaiting a much more organized crafting menu, as well as a system that is more than a placeholder. We are very happy with the look and feel of it, and look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts as they get hands on time with it. Barring any explosions in the labs, we hope to have our beta players in game with this earlynext week. It will definitely be a different experience this time around, with the game taking on so much more of it's own personality, and moving closer to our vision for the launch version. We won't give too much away here, but this patch will have quite a bit more to talk about!

Never satisfied with just the announced patch features, we are extremely excited for the weekly livestream tonight. We have plenty of secrets and surprises to unveil tonight! Not only will we be streaming tonight, but Tuesday, February 12th, we will be joining Ariablarg on Twitch TV for plenty of fun with Edge of Space. It's always a pleasure to spend time with other communities and meet new people! It's an amazing feeling to have interest in the game on the rise, and to see so many people enjoying it now. We feel very blessed to have the community that we do, and all the support that we get every day.

Our virtual doors are always open, and we want to remind you all that you're always welcome to come chat with us at #edgeofspace, or visit our forums to see what else we're up to!

Stay awesome, and we'll see you in space! Thanks for reading!   read

1:39 PM on 02.02.2013

ArkCo Weekly News #9 - Working Hard!

ArkCo Weekly News #9

If there is one thing you can say about indie game development, it's that there is never a dull moment. Even when things appear quiet to the public, behind the scenes, things are as busy as can be. Last week, we rolled out one of our bigger patches, putting our weapons, pets glass walls, chests, and even some drastic visual changes into the hands of players. This has allowed us to go back and buckle down to work on the next patch, to update the games UI. This will bring drastic visual and performance updates to the game, making the menus and interfaces that much easier to use.

With another week ahead of us before patch day, there is more than enough going on to keep everyone, especially our community, busy and happy! Starting Monday, we will start looking for our first Fan Spotlight build, to feature the amazing things our players are doing in game. We have been delighted so many times already by the creativity and incredible patience some of our ArkCoNauts have poured into the game. We have even had players build functional binary adders in the power grid! Talk about dedication! It's a great feeling to see everyone having such a great time with Edge of Space, and we can't wait to recognize our fans and their hard work!

This week brought changes to our IRC network as well, as they re-branded from Icedawn, to IndieIRC. What might seem a small change also presents a great opportunity. The indie spirit has always been about indie devs sticking together, and doing what they can to learn from and support one another. We hope that a network made for indie communities will become a gathering place for meeting other devs and giving all of us a chance to meet new people! The more gaming communities we can link into the network, the more gamers will get a chance to learn about games they otherwise might not have. We're definitely happy with our IRC home!

In addition to our other happenings, we're replacing tonight's livestream with a live Q&A session with Jake, hosted by our new friends at GlobalGamers. We're hoping for a good, and very inquisitive crowd, and we're happy for a chance to answer plenty of questions about the game, it's development, our community, and all things Edge of Space. Excited fans are also flocking to our Facebook page, as our publisher, Reverb, has launched an incredible sweepstakes to toss free copies of the game at fans, every 100 likes! We're happy to be getting so many new faces in the community, and we can't wait to welcome our new players!

As always, we want to encourage everyone to keep up with us during the week, between updates,
and come hang out with us! Our forums are always open, and so is our live chat, so don't be shy!

Thanks for reading, and stay awesome, ArkCoNauts!   read

11:14 AM on 01.26.2013

ArkCo Weekly News #8 - More Features!

ArkCo Weekly News #8

It has been a tremendously busy week for us at ArkCo! Development has really picked up, and Edge of Space is coming together very well. In some ways it's been BETTER than expected. We are finding that the extra time we spent earlier on, ensuring our core features were working the best that they could be, is translating to a much easier time implementing the more advanced systems. This week's upcoming patch is a prime example. As we worked on the game's new modular weapons system, the team got a bit distracted by discovering that the "holopet" system would be easier to put in than we had anticipated. Since we know that travels in space can be a lonely line of work, we dove right in and got the pet system functioning in time to go in with the weapons patch today, provided nothing blows up on us! We look forward to seeing our ArkCoNauts meeting new friends throughout the world as they explore! Here is a picture of our core engineer, Paul, with his Dice Droid "Blinky":

Quite the odd little fellow, isn't he? You never know what you will find out there in the far reaches of space! The observant viewer will notice something else drastically different in the above screen: a drastic overhaul of the game's tile graphics and blending. For quite some time we had heard community members and critics alike decrying the "blocky" look of the tiles in Edge of Space. The feeling we were trying to convey, of the biome's properties "overtaking" the terrain, seemed to be translating into a more grid-like appearance to the world. With this feedback in mind, we revisited the system, and looked for a better, more well-blended approach. The answer we settled on was to remove the effects that were biome specific, except on the surface layer of the area. The effect has beaten our expectations for how much better the game could look, and we look forward to seeing the community's response to the new style.

On the Community side of things, our growth has definitely been more visible as well. New members have been flocking to the IRC, forums, and other social sites. To celebrate this, we wanted to give a much more involved feeling to our forums in particular. For that we introduced our new ArkCo Divisions. Users can now opt-in to a position within ArkCo, giving them not only a fun forum title for roleplay, but also opening the door to fun possibilities down the road, such as competitive gameplay, chances to design something for the game, and many surprises to come that will make the role you choose come into play. Our community team has definitely been busy putting it all into place.

As if the patch hadn't kept the team busy enough, we also introduced our Edge of Space Wiki last week. No longer will players have to scour the internet in search of help for any of the game's features. We felt it was high time to bring out a one-stop site for guides, FAQ's and tutorials. As it evolves, it will also feature lists of the creatures, items, weapons, armor and more. Many players have already expressed their thanks for having a wiki to get them through the learning curve. You can check it out here:

Today will be a busy one to be sure, as patch days always are, but we look forward to taking a step back tonight to enjoy gameplay with the community on our livestream. As a developer there is nothing more satisfying than seeing first hand the enjoyment your game is bringing to its players. We have included a surprise in the patch that we think will make everyone very happy! As we get back to work, we just want to say as always that everyone is welcome to stop by our forums between blogs, to keep up to date with what's been going on and what's to come.

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next week for the ArkCo Weekly News!   read

1:08 PM on 01.19.2013

ArkCo Weekly News #7 - Changes!

ArkCO Weekly News #7

What a week! Following all the massive publicity last week, things have most definitely kicked into high gear for us. We didn't waste any time to dive right back into the thick of things and roll out our next patch, featuring more upgrades to the "PIOS" or Power Input Output System. The public server has seen a surge in new users as well as the amount of time spent there, as they explore the possibilities. With the new functionality of the most recent patch, it is now possible to create binary calculators, and users are rising to the challenge, creating puzzles and intricate wiring systems to stretch the limits of what the system can do.

This week we also unveiled our new musician, Composer Jens Kiilstofte. Jens is known for the work he does with his brother at MachinimaSound.Com. His talent has brought waves of compliments and has our community more excited than ever for the game's soundtrack, which will be given to Kickstarter and Collectors' Edition pre-order backers. Jens has already been an integral part of the team for several months, and is a regular on our IRC. We feel truly blessed to have him on board!
To celebrate our announcement, we have posted the opening theme song by Jens on our game's Greenlight page, to thank everyone for their votes and support. We hope that everyone will take advantage of the chance to get a taste of the beautiful musical score for Edge of Space. You can find the download here:

In spite of the wonderful success of the power grid, and the positive reviews Edge of Space is already gathering, we still feel that the best is yet to come. Behind closed doors at Handyman, Jake and Paul are continuing to pack more amazing features into the game. The next wave of ArkCo tech to be revealed may come as soon as tonight, with our weekly livestream, provided it is ready. It is safe to say there is never a dull moment where this team is concerned, and we are very excited to see where development takes us next. The deeper we get, the more things seem to fall into place on the coding end, leaving many exciting possibilities open that had previously been tabled or overlooked. We are very happy to have more ArkCoNauts than ever before to share the journey! As always, if you want to keep up with us in between newsletters, feel free to check out the forums at

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next week for the ArkCo Weekly news! Stay awesome!   read

10:12 AM on 01.12.2013


ArkCo Weekly News #6

This week has truly been an amazing one for us as a team, and for our community. In game development, you learn very quickly that you work continuously, sometimes with very little noticeable outcome. Then one day something clicks, and you feel that your game has finally broken through that invisible barrier from unknown to known. New people stream into your community and you realize how incredible a feeling it really is. Only time will tell if we have TRULY reached that mark, but something has definitely changed.

The turning point for us was finding out that one of our biggest inspirations, Andrew "Redigit" Spinks, was going to support our game. The creator of Terraria, the man himself, liked what he saw in Edge of Space! It was one of those surreal moments when we had to stop and say "Did that just really happen? Did he really just tweet for the first time in almost a year, for US?" We couldn't let the happiness throw us for a loop, and we followed the next day with a critical patch for Edge of Space.

The power grid system is one of the features we feel really makes Edge of Space what it is. It's a feature that will allow players to show what they can do, anywhere from the most basic, to intricate
wiring systems. As more circuit types, switches, and mechanisms are introduced, the system will gain more depth, and players will be able to advance their technology accordingly. One thing is certain, the game is taking on a more well-rounded feel. A player can spawn into a new world, begin gather resources, refine them, craft with them, and build a base. Crafting lights and then powering them, crafting armor and then wearing it. The sense of not having a direction yet is a thing of the past, and players can definitely feel the need to build a safe place and make it their own. The large increase in creatures makes safety a need rather than a luxury. While other core mechanics such as exposure rating are yet to come, Edge of Space is quickly becoming a game that the community spends much more time in.

The one-two punch of Redigit's support and the power grid patch were followed up by another surprise from our friends at RockPaperShotgun, when they featured Edge of Space on their site. The response was tremendous, and immediate. We have vaulted to #4 on Desura's Popular page at the time of this writing, with thousands of gamers checking out the game after reading the article. We're seeing many new faces around the community, and we couldn't be happier!

In closing this week, we would just like to send a heartfelt thanks to all of our backers and supporters, not only Redigit, and media giants like RPS, but every person that has voted for us on Greenlight, joined our forums, liked us, tweeted us, and been a part of the journey getting here. Stay awesome, ArkCoNauts!

If you want to catch up with us before next week's newsletter, you're always welcome to check out our forums at:

Thanks for reading and we'll see you next week!


8:39 AM on 01.05.2013

ArkCo Weekly News #5

ArkCo Weekly News #5

Happy New Year, ArkConauts! Hard to believe that it's 2013!! 2012 flew by us by so fast! Today I want to talk a bit about the journey we've taken together. It was only 6 short months ago that Edge of Space completed Kickstarter, and we buckled down to begin the real work of pushing it all from alpha into early beta. It has been an amazing experience, and we couldn't have done it without the
support of our many fans and followers! In December, we have seen the game start to shed it's beta feel more rapidly. To be sure, we've still had many a bug to squish, but we've steamrolled over each one, improving the performance and look of the game drastically.

For those who backed our kickstarter, and remember the early beta days, it's nothing short of astonishing. The first time players got to see it, the game consisted of 1 biome, the ability to move around, and shoot a gun at a couple of the local varieties of wildlife. This shot was taken 4 months ago:

Only 2 months later, Edge of Space had biomes, lighting was coming together, and the game was starting to show it's more alien side. Gone was the entire world being generated as the dirt biome, and players got an idea of a few more of the areas they would encounter. This shot shows one of our intrepid ArkCoNauts exploring a cave in one of the new biomes:

Today the look and feel of the game are really coming together. Players can build, craft, explore, manipulate back and foreground tiles, placeables, and more! The launch version features are getting put back more and more each week. As we move forward, more people see the vision we do when we look at Edge of Space. Our plans for the game's future just keep growing. Here's to future development and seeing where it takes us! For more information or to check out what's happening between blogs, you can stop by our forums at

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you guys next week for the ArkCo Weekly news!


4:19 PM on 01.04.2013

Greetings from the Edge of Space!

Hi, everyone!

We would like to introduce the Destructoid community to our new blog, introducing gamers directly to the development of Edge of Space. This game puts you, the player, into the role of an ArkCo recruit, awakening from cryosleep to find that you are no longer with the main fleet. Your employers are nowhere to be found, and as you begin to take stock of your situation, you find that you have been dropped onto the surface of a shattered world. The question is, will you survive?

Edge of Space is a 2D sandbox game, with a variety of mechanics brought into play. You will have to build bases and defenses, explore, gather and refine resources, craft, discover new technology, and attempt to terraform the shattered world back to a liveable state.

We would like our blog to be a way for people to follow the game as it grows, and for you to get to know us as a development team. Community is very important to us, and we want the opportunity to hear more thoughts about our game and the direction we're taking. Please stay tuned here for news, updates about the game, and stories that we look forward to sharing. If you want to check out what we're up to between posts, you can always stop by our forums at:

See you in space!


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