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Eddy666's blog

8:28 PM on 08.20.2007

My friend had sex with Taz

So yesterday as I was taking my warm bubble bath listening to Kenny G my friend started telling the greatest sex encounter ever. I could try to be all Stephen King on y'all but I'm too busy not playing any games on my PSTRIPLE But I'll try anyways. I swear to my god that this is totally a true story. I have pics also if anyone wants to throw up.

So my friend works at Six flags, he's the guy who walks around with the costume Characters making sure no one beats em up. So yesterday he was just taking care of Taz ehn suddenly they went to the break room and crazy shit happened! To quote my dear friend "Well, she was with me today as my character (and I was the escort, meaning I make sure no punk, dumb motherfucks try to beat her up), and we were alone in the breakroom and she starts grinding on me. But after she gets me hard, she snakes her hand up the leg of the shorts I'm wearing and starts groping and stroking my cock. Fucking crazy bitch! So, after she grinds, and I'm hard I ask if she wants to do anything about it, and she goes, "Well...I don't know. I mean, It is kind of a bad place. I don't want anyone walking in on us. So I said, "Mind if I take some pics of you then?" and she's like "Ok, just don't put them on the internet." So if your a horny guy trying to get laid, look for the fat chicks in Looney Tunes costumes but remember Fat chicks are like scooters, fun to ride, but don't let your friends catch you doing it.

I would have to say this is both the grossest and awesomeness scenario I've ever heard, but you don't have to take my word for it *BA DAM PA"   read

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