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Edco's blog

7:23 PM on 04.30.2011

Have you seen these Super Mario Bros. candy tins???

Maybe you have, but I just wanted to take some cool pictures :-) I did a double take when I saw these at the checkout in Bed, Bath & Beyond of all places. At first glance I thought they were cheap knockoffs-- but they are ...   read

10:13 PM on 11.15.2010

The unexpected boon of Austin Comic Con: Dragon Quest IX players

A Wizard World convention was in Austin this past weekend... It was pretty cool to be in Artist Alley during the show, and even cooler to meet a few D-toid community members who were able to come by and say hello (thanks gu...   read

10:23 PM on 06.15.2010

My D-Toid car for ModNation Racers!

ModNation Racers Career Mode frustrates me to no end, but all I really want to do is make cars-- so here's the Destructoid racecar I just finished! -- 100% sticker limit! -- kickass rocket engine! -- Florida plates, yo! ...   read

12:46 AM on 05.02.2010

2D Sprites I made for Ace Yeti Trapper

There is a special place in my heart for games and artists who keep the Sprite Train steaming along. Once in a blue moon, I get to hop on board. Ace Yeti Trapper is an iphone game I worked on recently, it's actually a fa...   read

12:30 AM on 03.09.2010

Final Fanatasy XIII Midnight Madness!

Since I live all of five minutes from a Best Buy, I thought I'd just stroll on over for the special Midnight release of FF13. And that's was the jist of it, no giant crowds to fight through here in North Austin. There w...   read

1:37 PM on 02.02.2010

How a title screen is made: Ace Yeti Trapper

So here's a peek into how I went about creating a title screen for an iPhone game that my company launched recently. Note I do not presume any one methodology is better than another. In fact some graphic artists may find th...   read

12:17 AM on 02.02.2010

I'll be playing Demon's Souls probably for the rest of my life.

I've been playing Demon's Souls since it came out last year. And I'm still on Level 1. I can't beat the Tower Knight yet. When I can get to him. Granted, I do not get to play as often as I like, it takes me a notoriously ...   read

11:07 PM on 01.17.2010

My Mod Nation Racers Beta experience

Yikes! I'm still a daly dtoid reader, but I haven't c-blogged in ages! Let's try and fix that :-) Over the holidays I was able to spend some quality time with a backlogs of games I've been wanting to play or complete. Tho ...   read

12:05 AM on 02.18.2009

Street Fighter IV US print ad = fail, Japan = predictably rad

Continuing the fine tradition of shockingly bad print advertising for videogames here in the states, Street Fighter 4 presents us with this shockingly magenta quandry: "To Hadouken or not to Hadouken?" It's got an over-ai...   read

11:02 PM on 02.13.2009

Lovin' me some 8-bit Jesus

Not long ago it was D-Toid that pointed me towards the amazing chip tuner Doctor Octoroc and his x-mas tunes under the guise of "8-bit Jesus." Um, it's kind of awesome. Real awesome. Any season of the year. At his sit...   read

3:32 PM on 01.11.2009

More Chrono Trigger drawings: Lucca and Frog!

If you commented on my last post, be sure to check the comments to see if you got one of the original drawings! Just for fun I thot I'd round out the cast with a couple pencil sketches.     read

10:08 PM on 01.09.2009

Chrono Trigger drawings up for grabs

UPDATE: The Dtoid site update wiped alot of comments, alas, these drawings have all been claimed. "What I did over Holiday" a) Las Vegas b) Chrono Trigger The two went surprisingly well together. I was sooooo looking f...   read

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