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9:44 AM on 07.30.2007

Paris Hilton falls on spikes, looses golden rings.

<insert photoshop here>

It seems that Paris Hilton lost her grandfather's inheritance - 60 million dollars gone because of the jail term she had to serve.

Article here -,23599,22157708-2,00.html

as long as she doesnt write a book or something, her current few mil that she has will be gone in a few years, and we'll never have to hear about her again.   read

4:58 AM on 07.26.2007

Uwe Boll killed my friend.

A friend of mine has recently decided to "catch up" on all the great movies he's missed during the last few went fine at first, but then he decided to watch all the video game movies out there - Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, etc. i was fine with those...but then....he reached Uwe Boll's crapola of films.

House of the Dead. Bloodrayne. Alone in the Dark. And he picked those over things like Children of Men, Serenity, and other crazy good films.

His standards -

"Must be at least an hour long. Must have a title. And must have one cute or hot girl. So far... All of them at least have that so whatever. It's still a movie that I've seen."

What if his tastes worsen as a result of this? will good cinema be appreciated by this small, basement dwelling Chinese man?!

how do you force feed someone good cinema?

oh, and the Mario movie is next up, but that one is pretty harmless..   read

11:53 PM on 07.25.2007

"new" super hard games?

I was thinking today about how every single top 10 games list is allways full of old 8-bit titles, and it got me wondering why you dont hear much about last / current gen games in terms of difficulty.

Currently, I'm working my way through Viewtiful Joe 2 on Adult Mode, and man, this game kicks my ass every step of the way. The boss fights are all lengthy and really damn hard. Mostly because it takes you 4-5 times to get used to the patterns, and then its cake as long as you are good at repetition.

Also, Since the release of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, i picked up my old copy of Ninja Gaiden Black to give it a whirl on hard mode. pretty damn rough, but i do better with these types of games. I'm up to the boss fight in the church, i spent hours on that whore...

and last, Devil May Cry 3, Dante Must Die mode...holy shit, i cant get past the first boss on this difficulty. I almost feel like resorting to the special suit for unlimited devil power, but i like games that torture the shit out of me.

What hard games have you been playing lately?   read

3:45 PM on 07.07.2007

China Purifies the internets - no more skeletons in WoW

In a very, very weird and retarded move, Hu Jintao, Chinese president, has imposed a ban on Skeletons in World of Warcraft, in order to

"'purify' the internet of anything that might affect 'national cultural information security' or undermine his attempt to promote a 'harmonious society'. "

The ban has called for a change to add flesh to any bones showing, and has also replaced old players corpses with neat graves.

""These small modifications promote a healthy and harmonious online game environment and will not affect players' enjoyment.""

that's obviously bullshit, since it really takes away from any sort of imersiveness when you're in undead-infected areas like The Pleaguelands and Stratholme.

It's a mystery why they have singled out WoW, since pretty much every MMO has some sort of skeleton warrior.

Hey, what happens to the whole Undead race? they have bone showing at the not point it out tho, or them Kommies might git that tew.


4:45 AM on 07.07.2007

My 'bargain' EB purchase, Live Earth, Sleeping woes.

Hello fellow Dtoiders, this is my first blog post. Yesterday Me and a friend were trying to kill time in EB games, which is when i spotted something that will bring me nightmares for many a night. This game was called The Getaway, and man, was it bad. It's quite an old title, and i recalled hearing about it a long time ago, but nothing beyoned that popped into my mind.

I am a sucker for British cinema, especially action oriented ones. Then i looked at the price - 2.99? how can i NOT buy it! I suppose this should have been a sign as to how bad it was going to be, but still, this would be hours spent >not< bored, so i figured it was a pretty hot buy. It took a few tries for my modded (and aging) ps2 to read the disk, showing resistance to having this pos inserted into it.

The Getaway is a GTA type game set in London, where you play as Hammond, A cop who looks like Mr. Bean and runs like a fucking idiot. the game starts with your wife being killed and your child kidnapped by a henchman named Eyebrows. now you must track down his boss Charlie, your typical plump bald mob boss, and save your kid.

I have to say this is the most flawed game i've played in a while. you have no UI, and you regen health by leaning on walls.WTF? Moving on, you also have no map, or any indication as to where to go, aside from the blinkers of the car you are currently in. if you are rear ended, they break, and you basically have to go and get another vehicle. the lights will guide you through one way streets and park paths, and police barricades, which is a real pain. the combat system is bad, the vehicles dont handle realistically, theres no replay value, and oh, so many other things. The best part of it all has to be that if you bust up your car enough, it catches on fire, to which Hammond will simply respond with one liners like "bullocks" and continue to burn. alternatively you can get out and run around burning for a few seconds, thats good too.

Right now, I've been watching Live Aid for quite a while, mainly the live footage from Australia and Tokyo, good stuff. I also started playing ff12 again, and I've noticed things i didnt see before. Like how its basically Star Wars with different looking characters. And Why are Vaan and Penelo even there? they have no reason to stick around past the first few major plot events.

All this has been brought on my Insomniac-like state that i've been in for the past few days. I've been falling asleep at odd times like 6pm or 11am, if only for a few hours, to wake up back into boredomness. Today I'll be visiting a few gyms to find a nice one to join, and also look for a job.

Living off my parents is great, but I have about a month to come up with 600 dollars for my new tatoo, and its going to be a close one.   read

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