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Edarios's blog

9:26 PM on 01.16.2008

Destructoid in Apocalypto?

I decided to give Crazy Old Mel the benefit of the doubt and watch this movie...And i really really liked it!! I wonder if he used the same fx guys who did all the gore in the Passion..anyways, i took some screencaps of a dud...   read

8:44 PM on 11.18.2007

Optimus Prime in Assassin's Creed. kinda makes you wonder if theres anything else hidden...   read

10:14 PM on 10.10.2007

Peggle Extreme.

It should be on VC/PSN/XBLA, no question about it..such a fun and simple game, almost forgot there was other things in the orange box..   read

11:35 PM on 09.27.2007

I have become what i hate.

A telemarketer. would you like protection for your furnace this winter?   read

8:32 PM on 09.24.2007

Who cares about Halo, The Dethalbum is out tomorrow!

Thats right, since i dont own a 360, after my job interview I'll be picking up a copy of Dethklok's much awaited CD, which includes the first episode of Season 2, which i cant wait for as well..   read

5:13 PM on 09.20.2007

Why living in Canada is Bullsh*t.

Today's exchange rate - My purchase - Edit to include Halo 3 - our regular edition goes for 69.99, 10 dollars more than what you Yanks are paying :X   read

9:44 AM on 07.30.2007

Paris Hilton falls on spikes, looses golden rings.

<insert photoshop here> It seems that Paris Hilton lost her grandfather's inheritance - 60 million dollars gone because of the jail term she had to serve. Article here -,23599,22157708-2,00.html as long as she doesnt write a book or something, her current few mil that she has will be gone in a few years, and we'll never have to hear about her again.   read

4:58 AM on 07.26.2007

Uwe Boll killed my friend.

A friend of mine has recently decided to "catch up" on all the great movies he's missed during the last few went fine at first, but then he decided to watch all the video game movies out there - Mortal Kombat, Stree...   read

11:53 PM on 07.25.2007

"new" super hard games?

I was thinking today about how every single top 10 games list is allways full of old 8-bit titles, and it got me wondering why you dont hear much about last / current gen games in terms of difficulty. Currently, I'm working ...   read

3:45 PM on 07.07.2007

China Purifies the internets - no more skeletons in WoW

In a very, very weird and retarded move, Hu Jintao, Chinese president, has imposed a ban on Skeletons in World of Warcraft, in order to "'purify' the internet of anything that might affect 'national cultural information sec...   read

4:45 AM on 07.07.2007

My 'bargain' EB purchase, Live Earth, Sleeping woes.

Hello fellow Dtoiders, this is my first blog post. Yesterday Me and a friend were trying to kill time in EB games, which is when i spotted something that will bring me nightmares for many a night. This game was called The Get...   read

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