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12:09 PM on 11.30.2007

Jeffgate: Where Do We Go From Here?

They deleted the video. They deleted the Kane and Lynch banners. They locked down as many threads concerning the drama as possible. Last, but not least, they deactivated the e-mail address. We may never know the complete truth surrounding the fate of Jeff Gerstmann.

I have been a fan of Gamespot for many years. I remember when Gamespot had a notorious reputation for being the most honest and critical reviewers, with Greg Kasavin giving games such as Soul Calibur II and Chaos Theory middle-8 ratings when everyone else gave 9s and 10s.

2007 remains a turbulent year for Gamespot. Aside from Greg leaving, Gamespot changed the review system from individual decimals to .5 increments (to the chagrin of longtime fans). Gamespot, owned by CNet, had ads for years, with the ads more in-your-face this year (especially with Kane and Lynch) than before.

While it may or may not be true that Jeff was fired due to the review (we still don't know for sure if Jeff "resigned" or not), one thing is for sure: Destructoid is the last robot standing.

I used to buy magazines such as Electronic Gaming Monthly, but I got sick and tired of the tardy news reports, the outdated previews, and the corrupt reviews standard in the magazines . So, I turned to the websites such as Gamespot for my reviews.

Now, we're all stuck in a maze. The last shred of honesty among game journalism has fallen. I want to know some things:
1.) Will Destructoid face the same pitfalls that Gamespot has fallen into?
2.) Nobody's buying DToid, are they?
3.) Where Do We Go From Here? Is there any other free website that offers unbiased reviews without outside influence?
4.) I want the truth: Is Jeff still there? Did he "resign"? If Jeff was fired due to Eidos, then why were the Kane and Lynch ads removed anyway?   read

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