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Following least we shan't be seeing the same rabid fan boy arguments spark around the internet this gen, eh?

Indefensible. Utterly indefensible.

As a female, early-20s gamer, absolutely nothing in yesterday's press conference appealed to me. Nada.

I don't want a fancy all-in-one media center.

I don't give a shit about EA sports.

I'd give them Quantum Break, if I had any fucking clue what the game was actually about.

When my brother moves out he's taking the 360 with him. I need a console which will play old games.

Can we all remember a world where always-on was our biggest concern with the new Xbox?

Yeah, Microsoft. You actually managed to top that one with used fees. Words fail me. 

Being the cheap tosspot I am, I'll admit it -- even though BOTH me and my brother used it, I only ever bought ONE copy per game on the 360.

Yeah, I'll let that one sink in for a minute.

Nights and nights I used to stay up wracked with guilt; what of those poor Microsoft executives who can't feed their children diamond-encrusted lobsters? How could I grab straight from their upturned paws like that?

Yes Microsoft, people do SHARE consoles sometimes. It's only natural they are going to want to SHARE titles too.

I don't know about you guys, but it's the outright disregard for us as paying customers which gets me.

Aye aye, it's looking to be all aboard the ship Nintendo right now. Let's hope PS4 can come up with something a little better...

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