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Eaten by a Grue's blog

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Eaten by a Grue avatar 7:41 PM on 03.16.2010  (server time)
A Birthday Toast...

How can I say "Happy Birthday!" Though I've been here but 5 months?

I'm not poetic.

Epic pictures are hard to come by.

I baked you a cake but I eated it.

What could I possible give that hasn't been given before? A stripper in the cake is too cliche, and your way too classy for that, right?

How about I just say.

Dammit, Destructoid. I wuv you.

And honestly, who couldn't?

There's Anthony, are local Iraqi president who loves the Void though it's absolute shit.

Jim, who keeps getting to review games he hates because he knows he pulls in views, whether they be positive or negative.

Topher, the coolest guy who never talks.

Brad, who will probably kill me if I talk bad about him.

Ashley, whose show originally introduced me to the site.


Colette, Dale, and Brad, some of the only happy people on the site.

Conrad, Rey, Davis, Matthew, Hamza, Holmes, and the others I can't name, but I love 'em anyways.

And thanks to all of the sites Destructoid influences and is influenced by:

Screw Attack, Japanator, Kotaku, Game Politics.

And to the community, a bunch of sarcastic, elitist bastards, but I wouldn't have 'em any other way.

It may not be the best tribute, but it's as good as I can do.

Destructoid, you are the guy!

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