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Earthfield avatar 10:37 PM on 11.14.2012  (server time)
Introduction Blog

Hello there, as much as I try to refrain from it, I cannot avoid an introduction for my future blogs. I think it could help understand what to expect, or not from now on, from me.

As I think everyone in here, I love videogames, and I love analyzing them as well, from outside the code. I was thinking of making reviews for a while, but thing is, I live outside US, or any important country for the industry, that means, I get a game at best 1 month later than release, making any review a bit out of time. Retroviews are also outside the question, with the AVGN and the HVGN making a great work with it, and so many other chaps, it's impossible.

So I rejected those ideas. . Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose...

Not so Retroviews.

What is a Not so Retroview? I know the name is obvious, but I'm trying to make a point, lads. Thing is, when does a game become Retro? Is there an expiration date for it? Where do we draw the line? If you were to ask me in the PSX era, I would reply "That's obvious, games from the NES era and before." Today, I guess I'll say "That's obvious, games from the PSX era and before." So, where's the line exactly? When the console no longers produces anything? Who can truly define a line?

If Mario 64, which was a 3D Platformer is today Retro, what is NSMB Wii that is a 2.5D platformer?
I know That time is what most certainly define them of Retro and non retro, but when analyzing the source, doesn't this case feels a bit backwards? I hope we can discuss this in the future.

In any case, to avoid any mess with this, I decided to make analysis from games that might not be that old, but they're not relevant today either, and to avoid any kind of Fanboy accusation, I'll tell you all the platforms I own, to understand what I limited to when it comes to reviews. Buying my own games puts the budget issue at play so you'll have to excuse me if your platform of choice is not in my list of games I'll analyze. Though this may be able to change, so nothing is definitive:

SEGA Saturn
SEGA Genesis
Nintendo DSI
Nintendo Wii

Those are my guns for now, so I will be limited to those for the time being. I will find games that I enjoyed, but weren't as successful as I would have hoped for.
Also, it is worth mentioning that I don't speak english natively, so you probably find lot of mistakes, I try to look out for them myself, and I appreciate being corrected, just don't get grammar nazi on me, it doesn't help, I learned english from music and movies, and an Irish friend I had, so my english is a mess by default. Bear with it.

To get this to a closure, I will tell you now that the first analysis I want to write is about Splatterhouse 2010. I think that game had a lot of hit and miss I'd like to discuss, so I'm eager to talk about it. Now that my introduction has been made, I think I'm more than ready to start this one out.

Anyway, to sum it up, it is my pleasure to be here, and I hope you find my future updates of your enjoyment.


BTW: I also find ironic that I'm using the 360 achievements when I don't own one.

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