This is the blog for European/early Friday Night Fights! If you're European or simply love hearing European accents then you should boogie on down and get with the times. European times.

EUFNF, like all FNFs, start each week on the forums where no plans are made before some lies are hastily concocted for a blog post in here. You can get involved by making friends on the forums, posting on blog/front-page posts and hoping somebody is watching or by turning up to play the damn games.

EUFNF is only one of the three FNF groups, 360 FNF and PS3 FNF run on American times and are full of awesome people.

Dtoid FNF

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Beccy Caine
Death by Lumber

Dtoid EU

The European component of the community is centered around the DtoidEU mailer.
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At the end of the day, we Europeans are a poor bunch and can only afford one video game a year because of the cold winters and Scrooge's pricey rooms. Battlefield 3 may have released here on this very day, but only those who still have a kidney to sell have been able to get it and us single-kidneyed fools are going to be playing older games instead. Like GTA IV, because we'll be selling our remaining kidney for GTA V.

Time: 21:00 BST 15:00 EST
Game: L4D2
Gamers: Aurain (Steam: Aurain), Panzadolphin (Steam: PD56), Darth189 (Steam: Legion189)

Time: 19.30 BST 13:30 EST
Game: Payday: The Heist
Gamer: Panzadolphin (Steam: PD56)

Steamtoid is the home of PC gaming within the Destructoid community and an easy place to find these people, check it out!

Time: 20:00 BST 14:00 EST
Game: Battlefield 3 (He lives in Luxemburg, which does not exist inside Europe let alone reality.)
Players: Sven Wohl (GT: Neo Subenu)

Time: 20:00 BST 14:00 EST
Game: Street Fighter IV AE
Players: Death By Lumber (GT: AngelEchoes)

Time: 20:00 BST 14:00 EST
Game: GTA IV (Regular, not DLC) (Sorry Sam!) (You awkward shit!)
Players: Tarvu (GT: Tarvu), Scroll (GT: Doctor Scroll), Half left (GT: Half left), Gibbo (GT: JGibbo08)

Time: 20:00 BST 14:00 EST
Games: Dark Souls
People: FinestKind (ID: GoHenshin)

For more information on EUFNF and FNF in general, check out the information in the "about me" section of this blog.

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