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EUFNF avatar 11:40 AM on 11.04.2011
EUFNF November 4th - No Russian 2

Apparently a child is blown up during a cutscene in Modern Warfare 3, good thing every other aspect of the game will be top tier quality! Except it won't be, and yet it will still be the best selling game of the year.

Fuck people.

Time: 23.00 GMT 18.00 EST
Games: Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor, Team Fortress 2, Your Mother
Gamer(s): Legion189 (Steam: Legion)

Steamtoid is the home of PC gaming within the Destructoid community, check it out!

Time: 20.00 GMT 15.00 EST
Games: SSF IV, MvC3
Gamer(s): Death by Lumber (GT: AngelEchoes)

Time: 20.00 GMT 15.00 EST
Games: Battlefield 3
Gamer(s): Tarvu (GT: The Kinky Ninja Origin:Tarvu)

Destructoid has an Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 clan! Join it here.

Time: 23.00 GMT 18.00 EST
Games: Uncharted 3
People: JJMcCallum (ID: jjmccallum)

For more information on EUFNF and FNF in general, check out the information in the "about me" section of this blog.

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