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EAPidgeon avatar 5:40 PM on 04.29.2012  (server time)
Quality Before Quantity

It's simply aggravating in this day and age that as far back as 2007, certain game companies had begun letting go on the silver mantle that once hid the ugly side of game development. However today I aim to satisfy both a personal rant, and yet at the same time one which largely embodies a greater albeit, probably biased (from my side) public opinion. First however let me begin by talking, about the good that's happened with the greater freedom of information and leaks we have about game information today.

In the past, games were developed with an intention of satisfaction = sales, I'm sure everyone here as well as I remembers the golden age of gaming unlike which it has evolved into what it is now, this was the era of gamecube, PS2, and Xbox. The reason has been obvious to anyone who has been paying attention to gaming as of now. But back in the day, the crime, the deceit, all of this went on behind the curtains, except now. This crime in gaming I speak of which such disgust is known as DLC.

The most hated and recent underground, mob-like change in gaming has begun ever since the invention of the rumble pack or the red 'expansion pack' for the nintendo 64. However these were small things and, well, you could actually have something physical you could sell, or return if you didn't like it right? As we know this isn't true when it comes to DLC.

At first DLC seemed to be something nice, a developer didn't quite want to let go on the reins of their successful game and felt they could still improve it. But, why would they want to keep the fans waiting, so naturally digital DLC was born. The birth of DLC is in this way, the pandora's box of gaming.
Developers and companies were curious as to how this new creature, DLC would perform on the market. To their surprise it performed far better then they ever had expected. However with the surprisingly strong sales of DLC it's ironic the companies we loved most caused this snowball of cheapness of the wrong cents.
The indie developers, the cash strung heroes of gaming, saw DLC as the way it was meant to be as a efficient way to coast off a success and fortunately it allowed them both to earn a bit more cash, and not go crazy in the process. Yet, as we all know it's the indie developers ideas, which made DLC worthwhile, which are most often robbed from them, and mangled beyond any recognition.

It's because this crime happened, that videogames themselves, are suffering from a dangerous virus. No this isn't T-Virus, but it's not entirely far off from the truth. If one looks around they can see the cheapening of videogames, the decline of attention, the cutting off of the oh so delicious fat in videogames, us gamers enjoy just to be served under a heavier price tag, because there was a cheaper meat which served the same purpose. The better meat of gaming, isn't being lovingly packaged with a beautiful instruction manual anymore, it's being locked behind a cage, and instead we pay for what's scraped off the floor.

When I see a game that chooses to go the path of the 'extra' DLC or the 'bonus' DLC I always think 'sellout'. One shouldn't have to pay 5$ to use an img in this blogpost should they, did you have to pay 5$ to view this blogpost? I don't think so. Something the developers spent time laboring on and even at times feeling impressed about, shouldn't be forced to be choked out as the slow or deceptive crawl that DLC has. Developers, Designers, Programmers, all should be free to choose how they let you play their game and what you can have in your game, it's why now gaming and gamers need to make a stand, a stand against DLC and the Disrespectful Large Companies which are choking creativity with it.

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