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EAPidgeon avatar 3:22 PM on 05.01.2012  (server time)
Phone Ramblings : Zelda Design (A 30 Min Post)

Past and Present

I'm still not sure if it was age or design scheme, but Skyward Sword was the first Zelda I never played.
It looked good sure, I heard it was good, but when I saw video of the gameplay, I have to express, I was unimpressed. The novelty of motion gaming just never felt right to me. It's like going to a movie and being told "It's 3-D" yet when I come back from a day, exhausted, I don't want to dance around, I just want to slouch in the chair, and kill some zombies, or draughr. Motion gaming isn't a stamp of instant quality and neither is 3-D, so why do we think it is.

This is why I feel nintendo probably, despite my age, didn't isolate me by age group but by design choice. Yet among these complaints, and despite having not played it (-5 points) I could easily overlook this, no the problem I had with Skyward Sword, it's simply, too different.

When I heard nintendo had begun making a new windwaker esque game, I was psyched. But then when I saw the art, I felt vaguely betrayed, but this, I could tolerate. The problem I had was the story and the characters. The characters just don't feel like they belong with the rest of the series. No what I personally loved Zelda for was the subtle less talked about sides of the characters. Every character except Ganon you could never exactly make instant judgements of good or evil, no it was your choice to determine which they were.

It's exactly because of this why I feel Majora's Mask for both I and a majority of other players, was the best in the series. Every character had a story, but even with the skull-kid you have a backstory of if they really began evil or if the mask made him evil, it's for the vital reason of not putting a players mind of characters on a mental rail I found Zelda so enjoyable, I just didn't get that feeling of choice from the rather mad, frantic rush, skyward sword came out as.

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