It's been awhile snce I posted anything, and King Friday will be at PAX with me this year - Destructoid

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When not protecting the world from the injustices on all things non-awesome, I have some time to play some games. Not much time, but I do what I can. There's a lot of non-awesome in the world, so myself and the rest of the members of Team Awesome stay quite busy.

Also, I live in San Francisco, so if you're in the area or see me around say hi. I promise I won't bite. I work full-time for two different video game related companies. At one I test the vidja games. At the other I do PR for video games. Eventually I will only be doing the PR gig, so I'll finally have some free time in which I can return to hosting RetroforceGO!

I'd tell you the names of the companies, but I think the one I test for would probably have a hissy fit if their legal department knew there was a Destructoid Associate Editor in their testing department ;)

Random bullshit:

I like pizza rolls
Diet Pepsi is win
I have a yellow Cuban pimp suit

I'm Scorpio
SNES was prolly my most favorite system
I have a cape and wear it often
I do not like banana flavored candy of any kind
I drink beer from brown paper bags
Weezer's El Scorcho pretty much describes me
You can always crash on my couch
I flip a coin like Two-face to make decisions

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What was my last Cblog? Something about ramen or something? Whatever, it's been too long no matter what nonsensical Cblog post was my last one. Too keep it video game related, since I didn't use the awesome NVGR precursor in the title and do not want to be lambasted with comments saying "Hey, it's either posts about tasty ramen noodles, games, or nothing old man!", let's talk about PAX.

Now, I know a lot of you are going, which is awesome, and it makes PAX feel like the Dtoid Clubhouse every year with the large amount of Dtoid peeps that show up, but this year just one more person awesomer. If you've ever listened to RetroforceGO!, you may have heard me tell stories involving Team Awesome member King Friday -- also known as "cape guy" or "the guy in the cape" -- or have had the opportunity to party in SF or at previous events with he and I. Well, his very nice bosses told him that this year he can go to PAX and he doesn't even have to work the event, just have fun.

So that ups PAX's attendance by at least one more member of Team Awesome and one more person of royalty all in one. Who gives a shit, you say? Well, it's my Cblog so I do, and I'm also letting you know that we're getting into Seattle early as fuck on Wednesday morning, so if you're in Seattle or arrive to PAX early, we will be there. We would like to meet you and would like for you to shower us with pizza rolls and cans of PBR in brown paper bags. In return, we will regale you with tales of adventure and will use our linguistic powers to talk all of us into only the best parties a la Joe Burling style.

Seriously, though, we'll be there early and will have two days to hang in Seattle before PAX even starts, so if you're there clue us in and we'll meet up (

The picture is totally unrelated, but since you only seem to find discarded, and full, containers of salsa in graffiti covered payphone thingies in San Francisco, I thought I would share. And the picture cracks me up, too.

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