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Dyson avatar 3:09 PM on 01.25.2009  (server time)
I hate cleaning. Also, RFGO! twitter.

So, yeah. Yesterday was my one day of doing stuff normal people do. I woke up non-hungover on a Saturday - something I can't remember for many a moon - and decided to clean the electrical nightmare that is my living room TV setup. See all that shit strewn about on the floor and the couch? Yeah, all of that came from underneath the TV (except the guitars).

What's worse, I haven't gotten to my room, yet. There's probably five times more video game stuff in there that needs to be organized. I'm almost positive that I'm not going to mess with it, though, because I'm having a GDC party in March and will just have to move it around yet again. So, to anyone that would potentially spend some time in my room: Yes, that is a Sega Nomad; yes, that entire bookshelf is filled with games and systems; and, yes, there are random controllers falling out of strange places.

With a bedroom like that, I'm probably never getting married ;)

Also, yeah, RetroforceGO! has a twitter that we will update when we do. You should follow it.

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