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DynamoJoe 's blog
Dynamo Joe is the coolest military-use mecha to not come out of Japan. However, it is a fictional character from a bankrupt comic company, and therefore not me. Did you read my username? If you did, I just lied to you. But that's OK, because I like video games. I especially like retro gaming, which (embarrasingly) means playing games from my childhood that I'm too old to play. My reflexes have slowed and I am filled with a white-hot unholy rage by them, but the warm glow of nostolgia inebriates my twitching ego and I keep playing. Actually what I am 'playing' is the childhood I never had where my family could afford such experiences and I am a well-fed ten-year-old playing Double Dragon with a loving father and a big dumb-ass smile on my face.

Of course, I could still be lying.

No, no dude! I'm not. For real.

This is me: Action, adventure, RPG, 2D(ish) fighters, platformers, arcade racers, occasional puzzles and anything unique, artsy or japanesey. And Batman. And robots. And green. I like green.

. . .

Now I want a green Batman robot.
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8:27 PM on 06.16.2010
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