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Nintendojitsu avatar 8:51 AM on 06.30.2011  (server time)
Operation Shitstorm: Nintendo of America vs. America; WTF!??

I knew a shitstorm was brewing but I had no idea who it would land on. Nintendo it would seem is today's recipient. Oh joy! I began today like any other checking Dtoid and was I in for a shock.

Nintendo of America gave a somewhat direct statement on Xenogears/Monado and several other aforementioned titles were not being considered for localization at the moment. This didn't bother in the slightest because I had already played them and they are really nothing special in my opinion but I knew most had not so I began to have some idea on what might transpire.

To the comments aka 'What the derp?'

They were too funny. What couldv'e been a mature discussion on the topic quickly erupted into a shortbus full of window-lickers. I believe the term "Pretendo" has a whole new meaning to me now. What was funny at the beginning had grown to become almost embarassing to read. Jim Sterling was not included in the comments at all. To my surprise. Quite refreshing it was.

But enough of that nonsense...

The real question here is why should NoA bring these supposedly 'hardcore' *shudder* games to the Wii when there is no evidence to support it? Time and time again titles of this caliber have graced the Wii only to garner much hype and praise from the start but when the time came to purchase the game most simply waited until it was lowered in price, bought used, pirated or just didn't buy it because of random excuses.

Why should Nintendo of America use what limited resources they have because of a promise of purchase made by online petitioners?

These are questions that have easy answers.

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