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Durga AI's blog

12:14 AM on 12.30.2009

Love/Hate: Casual Gaming

Casual gaming. The buzzwords of the last 5-odd years. Some deeming it as a mere fad, others as something that games will now never lose, personally Iím with the second lot, quoting a mate of mine: ďDonít be scared of the w...   read

2:58 PM on 06.26.2009

Sega Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection? Yes it is!

Well here I am, back on Destructoid. Feels like coming home, anyways I've been blogging recently on a blog me and some mates set up, and even though it's pretty cool to do, I miss blogging here. So here's a review I wrote for...   read

10:11 PM on 05.30.2009

Durga AI's E3 09 Wishlist

I've noticed recently, along with the many game websites, there's a lot of DTOID bloggers doing E3 predictions. Of course some of these predictions are mental to me, PS3 Slim? I really don't see it happening but what's wrong...   read

2:14 PM on 05.27.2009

A look at the Gameboy Advance Afterburner

I'm not a massive game collector, mostly because I can't afford it, but I love Nintendo stuff and with the amount of different/odd/etc products they bring out I'm a bit spoiled for choice. Which leads me to my latest purcha...   read

4:28 PM on 05.17.2009

My opinions on why video game stories donít work as films...

Hey guys, I'm new to Destructoid so don't flame me or anything please! Anyway, this is a essay I wrote for Uni, I thought I'd throw something about video games in to my film theory work, so here it is.... First off, I am a...   read

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