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Dunsparce4Prez's blog

2:14 AM on 08.23.2007

Dunsparce's gaming habits

I've owned 5 consoles. NES, Genesis, N64, GCN, and PS1. I don't remember playing much on the NES...I remember Bubble Bobble, the Marios of course, and...Pinball...uhhh and Lolo? Was that something? That's all. I played a...   read

9:15 AM on 08.20.2007

Jack Thompson hates Bioshock...this just in, bear shits in woods.

Everyone's favorite Miami attorney, Jack Thompson (suck my balls, Gilbert & Smallman!!), has set his sights on a new target. In case you missed it, this article on about Dr. Phil asking Jack Thompson to come...   read

2:30 AM on 08.20.2007

Can we say "trying too hard??"

WELL, since photobucket isn't working and this isn't letting me upload photos into my blog post, I'll just say hello. I'm Jacob, or Dunsparce4Prez as I'm known in the nets of inter. This is my first blog post on YouTube and...   read

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