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Hi my name is Duncan Mitchell. I just turned 18 (with a slight hangover) and I have been playing games for my entire life. My first gaming memory is when my family was playing Mario 64. Now I am in my final year of school and I'm finding it a bit hard to focus on school because of games like League of legends and anything I can get my hands on. So here I would like to share my stories of how I came to be me.

Growing up I usually played whatever I could play and usually focused on having fun. Even when it come to movies I usually enjoy anything and it would take a lot of effort for me to hate something. I usually only hated games when I found it extremely repetitive or when I finished it in a week and I could take it back and get a new one. But I enjoyed games where I can do and collect stuff, so I really enjoyed game with side quests. My parents were ones that didn't like GTA themed games. I did own GTA vice city but my parents were dis-approved of it so we didn't play it all the time. My parents did know the difference between reality and virtual but thought blood and that would disensitize us.

So hear are some of my childhood gaming experiences. I remember when I was about 12 I played Assasins Creed 1 when I was kinda looking forward to it. At this time AC2 wasn't announced, but it was announced a week later. I hated the game. It was extremely repetitive and all it was a "Sit on a chair, get a dagger and stab a guy". It was s repetitve and I couldn't play the main story with getting bored out of my mind. But I did go around and climb towers as the idea of collecting things were fun. A game I realy enjoyed as a child was pokemon... who's wasn't. I always got the water type, except bulbasaur in gen 1. My favourite memories were in gen 3 when I was playing ruby, my second pokemon first being cyrstal. I got Mudkip first and through that game I only caught the new pokemon. As I had no idea what the new pokemon were I was so excited everytime I saw a new pokemon, I still remember how excited i was when I saw Peliper in the flying gym just because I never saw it before.

Nowadays I'm a cynical asshole that my friend thinks I hate everything, but I actually enjoy a lot of things. Nowadays I think rpgs, stratgeies, adventure games (yay for odscure genres) and I reall enjoy MOBA's, LoL in particular. I do like to play shootersbut I don't play online and only play them for the story, so that leaves it down to the 4 modern shooters but i'm starting  to play System Shock 2. I usually play for the sheer enjoyment factor and I play LoL for serious at times. Nowadays my parents are more lineat to me playing violennt games, or realise they can't really stop me from playing the games.

Most of my current memories come when I act weird while playing games. For example, I honestly hate AC3 as it's an extremely boring and quite repetitive at times. But I enjoy  it so much. I remember the time I got the rope dagger and I used it against the same guy 5 times without him reacting to it. This is one of the few bugs that I hate the game for but at the same time when I put all my cynical behaviour aside I just have as much fun as posssible.

But I need to save a paragraph for League of Legends. I will say that this is my favourite game just because for what it has done for me. Nowadays I play it for fun or play it seriously when I'm playing ranked. I play it with my friends and when I'm alone and I usually like to go man mode or do the most hated things, tank teemo. The game help me be more confident, mainly because it finally introduced me to watching a competitve sport as I never watched physical sports. The pro TSM Dyrus was a big influenced onto to me as he help me more decisive with the game allowing me to become more confident. At the moment I kinda want to play LoL competively but I kinda just want to commetant the game so I can focus more on having fun with the game.

At the moment I am looking forward to Pokemon X and Y. The game comes out after I finish my HSC (the final Australian school test) and i am trying to avoid all the information so I can have the same experience as I did in gen 3. As well after that I will be ninging on games until I have to go university or work what ever I decide to do next year. As for my future I do want to tay in the gaming industry. Whether it is making games or being on sites like destructiod writing reviews and blog.

I thank you for reading my article. I thank Destructiod in advanced for putting my article for putting it on the front page (:D). Who know in a few years if the same blog competition comes out you will be writing about my games or I'll be the one ofering the challenge, or I could be doing neither. I also just started writing blogs as I never knew you could do this on Destructiod. In the future I might write a few more on opinions and reviews in the gaming industry, but I probably won't because I'm lazy. Follow me on twitter at @DunkiMonkey.

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