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  • 6:20 AM on 05.10.2012  

    Willem Dafoe Movie Pitch: Aplysia Dafoeicas

    Coming to cinemas near you, the latest and greatest film: Aplysia Dafoeicas. An emotionally gripping story about a snail (WIllem Dafoe) who falls in deep romantic love with his researcher, the world renowned Dr Philip Zimbardo, and he, who falls in love with him. Little does he know, the Willem Dafoe snail is actually a 1000 year old Mockindafoe that must be killed before he regains his true form: a Mockingbird sporting Willem Dafoe's laughing, grinning face. It is up to the dynamic duo of Danny DeVito and Christopher Walken to stop ZImbardo from dooming Stanford Universty's dungeons to another bizarre ezperiment gone wrong courtesy of Zimbardo. Will they, or won't they triumph, or will the Mockingdafoe need to be killed...

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