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I just Double-Downed in Dragon Age

I just double-downed a Leliana & Morrigan sandwich in Dragon age. Thats right, I had them both the same night while in camp. It was cool at first you know... getting my thing on. But seeing as how I really favored Leliana o...


Woohoo Racism

So I know that sometime before R5 was released some people (Fox news probably) started speaking out on how the game had some racial expressions, and how offensive they found them. Hearing through podcast 91 or 92 there was th...


KOF XII trailer *drool* <3

Ok, I'm now officially hyped about this game. Not only are those graphics are goddamn amazing. I just saw all my favorite characters make appearances on that video, and also got to see a galactica phantom. I even dare sa...


It's on, finally online.

After living with a crappy college internet connection for 5 years I've finally got myself a good internet connection (and graduated) dudes, so I'm now up for some co-op or versus on either PSN or steam my current games: Psn: street fighter remix HD COD4 Fifa 2009 Steam: TF2 L4D My ID on both is: Dudemullet see you there.


LBP 40$ today only, also I fail at bloggin

you guessed it another deal from amazon this time its LBP and its today only. You Save: $20.01 (33%) Guess nows the time for everyone that was holding out Buy it here And since I want to stop just posting some deal I find I give to you now a lolcat. I should really try posting a constructive c-blog guess I'll have to try harder.


PS3 deals: dualshock3-$40, GH III : $40

Just spotted these deals on ps3fanboy though some of you might be interested, this looked like the exact right time for me to finally jump in the dualshock bandwagon, hope some of you find these deals useful GuitarHero III:Legends of Rock (Red octane) Note* as a nice plus, the controller comes with free shipping, <3 Amazon <3 Dualshock 3 (Amazon)


About Dudemulletone of us since 10:44 AM on 07.18.2007

I'm the dude.

A regular Mexican guy, thats studied Computer sciences. I don't work in games or whatever, but I'm always keeping track with "the biz".

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