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I'm the dude.

A regular Mexican guy, thats studied Computer sciences. I don't work in games or whatever, but I'm always keeping track with "the biz".
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I just double-downed a Leliana & Morrigan sandwich in Dragon age. Thats right, I had them both the same night while in camp. It was cool at first you know... getting my thing on. But seeing as how I really favored Leliana over Morrigan. I first "handled" morrigan then blew her off, whent to Leliana and promised I would forget about Morrigan altogether.

Morrigans a bitch. Anyway, the most uncomfortable part is that my roomate walked into my room while the sex scene was going on. He didn't act awkward or anything, but neither of us said anything about what was going on in the game....awkward moment. Hope he doesn't think I'm into this "kinda thing"

Wiegraf is a character in Final Fantasy Tactics on the PS1/PSP that doesn't start out as a boss, but rather has
alot to do with the first half of the game. Though the battles against wiegraf are not necessarily boss-fight
tough, they are above normal. Consider them like a really tough miniboss. Fights with him are way scattered
throughout the story, but every time he appears you know something cool is gonna happen.

I'f you don't know the story for FFT I recommend you play this, now. It's not only my favorite story in a final fantasy game, but also this is my favorite FF period. Wiegraf is the leader of a group of terrorists formed after a 50 year war that doesn't get paid what they're promised, The Corpse Brigade. They're a pretty big a group of soldiers who all they really want is to feed their kids, really. He is such a character that tries to steer his men away from kidnapping a marquis for ransom, after disobeying wiegraf something not so cool happens to these rebels gone rogue, check the video.

So you can see how he's a man of principle, and he's just really caught up with this whole war thing. Later in the game another one of the rebel troops kidnaps Ramzas (the hero/you) sister in order to escape. And while you go on the hunt for him confront Wiegraf's sister, Milluda, and eventually slain her. You catch up to Wiegraf for an awesome face-off.


Eventually Wiegraf arrives at his sisters grave to avenge her death, hating what all the aristocracy has brought upon his friends and family. It is here that he gets his ultimate chance for revenge and gets offered to join the church (remember that the church had awesome power in old times) as a holy knight, to turn the tide and help those in need. Blinded by his hate he joins them for a chance to kill Ramza and gets sent on a hunt for the virgo stone which they eventually take, sacrificing his soul with his last breath to said stone he becomes the evil entity of the Virgo stone and escapes to face off some other time.

The Moment: After arriving at the castle where Wiegraf is garrisoned you get to duel against him 1 vs 1 this battle is one of those OMFG should've grind'ed for an hour before this, as you have no real 'special' powers. And he well....hes a fucking HOLY KNIGHT. I remember that on my first play through I had to start the game
over because I saved right before this fight (without access to world map) and I'm a 1 save file kind of dude. After a lot of luck you defeat him, he turns into Virgo and you get to kill him for real this time(with all your party).

I didn't go into the whole 'Virgo' thing because thats not how I like to think of Wiegraf. When he was virgo everything cool about him was lost, he was blinded by rage, blood lust and revenge. Wiegraf was at his best when killing people for not doing what was right. He fought for what was right since the beginning but destiny had a cruel way of turning his path. All he really wanted was justice, is he really the 'bad guy' ?

So there, I don't really think these were HARD fights but they definitely were among the best, especially with all the emotion surrounding them. I salute thee, Wiegraf. For more detail on the whole "that one mook" posts checkout Ckarasu's post HERE

More info on Wiegraf, since I don't feel I'm doing him any justice HERE

5:19 PM on 03.25.2009

So I know that sometime before R5 was released some people (Fox news probably) started speaking out on how the game had some racial expressions, and how offensive they found them. Hearing through podcast 91 or 92 there was this comment on behalf of Jim "The Monocle" Sterling on how he and some of his friends thought the whole racism subject SO stupid, that they actually thought it was funny.

To tell you the truth, I like to make racial jokes, and not only that but I also like to joke around that I hit women and say craz stuff like "wheres my dinner woman". I guess that my only explanation is that I too so strongly believe that its stupid that there no way someone could piss off or offend themselves with the subject. And so with this I would like to point out why I think R5 should have never been called out racist and why people offended by it are way off, and how if the game would have been based in Mexico, it would have been kick ass!

I'll start by stating some facts:
- I'm Mexican
- I laugh at beaner/wetback jokes
- My "people" were also conquered and made slaves of (probably not at the same scale though).

I think the problem occurred when in a preview of the game some of the natives started thrown spears. Yes that's right people got offended by SPEARS, which is all in all a pretty bad ass weapon. How could you be offended by your countries weapons? Are they marbles or something? If they would have used the Aztecs's weapons, I'd be like "Holy fucking shit, this is awesome" I mean look at this fucker.

Stones usually hurt

I also heard comments on the clothing, or native houses/artifacts or what not. So I guess what you're really saying is that you hate ethnical accuracy? wtf? I wish, I repeat wish they'd make one based off the Aztecs, tell me you wouldn't fear a zombie eagle warrior?


I really never quite got the racism. Besides, taking these kinds of parameters to call something racist, then we should just stop recognizing culture and the like. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that sometimes people do bad things based on race, put displaying HD graphics on your screen isn't one of them. gg.

I don't know how to set up a gallery So here's another pic:
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So I now this community is really crazy about PAX, and although I only "how" I don't know the "why" as I've
never attended either a NARP or a PAX (I live in Mexico, and pretty far of the border). I'm pretty decided that
this will be the event were I'll finally get to meet you beautiful people.

pax site

BBcode failed forever with this link so here it is in RAW format

What games should I stock for my DS ? what hotel is everyone else staying in? care to be bunk buddies?

I got those picks from Dexter45's pax post you could ead there and see tons of more awesomesauce pics
and videos here.
Also sorry for the formatting but chrome apparently doesn't believe in it.
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I bet most of you have heard of the game, and the amount of praise it has received by reviewers due to its innovative graphics engine. But I'm here to tell why 10 chapters in, I've come to like it even more than most of the "game of the year" nominated games.

First off, one is blown away by the graphics of course, I mean its the first thing one can notice. And though I do love the graphics, I believe valkyria chronicles has achieved being the kind of game that I like, and this is thanks to their gripping story. To put things into perspective my favorite FF game is FFTactics where graphics are obviously not the highpoint, and 0 to -1 innovation went into that game.

But fuck it I'm not here to praise innovations, or say why one game is better than the other. I'm here to try and convince you, how you have been missing out on a great title. Honest to god I had been on and off wether I should be picking this game up, I was a bit short on cash and I had to move to a different city and all the stuff that involves (buy furniture, pay for services, rent..). When I saw this

Yeap, I guess that poster worked pretty well, anyway I remember reading how some people thought the games story went totally nuts when the valkyria get more involved. I think that's a totally dumb way of seeing it, I mean what about double jump in DMC? TG cid in FFT? c'mon JSTFUAPG. This game practically takes all that "love on the battlefield" bullshit in MGS and deals with some major subjects, racism/pow/honoring fallen soldiers etc... I also think sega didn't highlight some game features

+ orders - special powers that cost turns
+ upgradeable weapons
+ upgradeable classes
+ tons of side missions/stories
+ Japanese voices with english subtitles available

This is my go-to game right now, I've left Fallout 3 on standby. I also recognize this game isn't for everybody,
just as the dtoid review stated, this game is HARD. there are some missions where you'll just go crazy. Also expect a lot of Jrpg/anime cliches/stereotyping, but when was that ever a bad thing? So if you're really into good storytelling, and are the kind of gamer that reads what every NPC has to say, I'd say this game is definitely for you.
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Ok, I'm now officially hyped about this game. Not only are those graphics are goddamn amazing. I just saw all
my favorite characters make appearances on that video, and also got to see a galactica phantom. I even dare
say I'd rather pick this up over SF4. That just happened.

I know, I know some will argue that I'm just a sore loser, as Yojimbo has been humiliating me on SSFT HDR.
But to tell you the truth I was never a mortal kombat guy, I'm only a mediocre SF dude, but the fighting games I
DO kick ass in is king of fighters and marvel vs capcom. I still don;t know if this will have online but if it does
get ready to bring your fuckin diapers ladies, I will pwn you. Have a nice day.