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Dudemullet avatar 4:45 PM on 01.21.2009  (server time)
Valkyria Chronicles, what I think you should read

I bet most of you have heard of the game, and the amount of praise it has received by reviewers due to its innovative graphics engine. But I'm here to tell why 10 chapters in, I've come to like it even more than most of the "game of the year" nominated games.

First off, one is blown away by the graphics of course, I mean its the first thing one can notice. And though I do love the graphics, I believe valkyria chronicles has achieved being the kind of game that I like, and this is thanks to their gripping story. To put things into perspective my favorite FF game is FFTactics where graphics are obviously not the highpoint, and 0 to -1 innovation went into that game.

But fuck it I'm not here to praise innovations, or say why one game is better than the other. I'm here to try and convince you, how you have been missing out on a great title. Honest to god I had been on and off wether I should be picking this game up, I was a bit short on cash and I had to move to a different city and all the stuff that involves (buy furniture, pay for services, rent..). When I saw this

Yeap, I guess that poster worked pretty well, anyway I remember reading how some people thought the games story went totally nuts when the valkyria get more involved. I think that's a totally dumb way of seeing it, I mean what about double jump in DMC? TG cid in FFT? c'mon JSTFUAPG. This game practically takes all that "love on the battlefield" bullshit in MGS and deals with some major subjects, racism/pow/honoring fallen soldiers etc... I also think sega didn't highlight some game features

+ orders - special powers that cost turns
+ upgradeable weapons
+ upgradeable classes
+ tons of side missions/stories
+ Japanese voices with english subtitles available

This is my go-to game right now, I've left Fallout 3 on standby. I also recognize this game isn't for everybody,
just as the dtoid review stated, this game is HARD. there are some missions where you'll just go crazy. Also expect a lot of Jrpg/anime cliches/stereotyping, but when was that ever a bad thing? So if you're really into good storytelling, and are the kind of gamer that reads what every NPC has to say, I'd say this game is definitely for you.

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