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DtoidSeattle-Vancouver avatar 5:43 PM on 01.18.2010  (server time)
Dtoid Northwest NARPUARY 2010

It's that time again! After a long hiatus, Dtoid Northwest is finally back to bring you the legendary NARPs you've always loved. Bring your games, your plastic guitars, your retro games, and of course yourself. There will be multiple Rock Bands to play on, old school stuff like Goldeneye tourneys and much in the way of drinking (unless your underage of course ;) It'll be all getting underway Friday, January 22nd-24th in Eugene Oregon. at the NARPCASTLE™

Scion has been nice enough to lend his castle for the festivities and it is located in the Eugene, Oregon area. He's letting people who are flying in or driving to stay as long as they need to recover for their long journeys home. There are plenty of beds and couches for sleeping dozens of people and even a working hot tub, so bring your swimwear, people!! This literally is like a little castle.

Please email us at dtoid-northwest(at)googlegroups(dot)com to join the official Northwest Google Group for more details, address, directions, etc.

For those of you part of DTOID San Fransisco, you can fly up for $40 round trip on Allegiant Airlines, please do come, it is going to be amazing and that is dirt cheap for a flight! Here is the website for the flight deals: Scion, being the gentleman he is, is even willing to pickup anyone from the airport who needs a ride. Just be sure to pick the flight from Oakland to Eugene, Oregon.

[UPDATE from Scion]

You like Pool? I got a pool table.

You like Ping Pong? I got a Ping Pong Table

You like D&D? I got a crew coming to run some Delve action.

You like Vidya Games? We've got a shit ton of that with at least 6 tv's goiong at all times.

You like Bad movies? We got 2 of the worst/Best ever made, Gymkata and Shark Attack 3 : Megalodon

You like Good movies? We got a ton of them too.

You like hanging out with DTOID? Well there sure as shit is going to be a hell of a lot of that.

You like Pinball? Got that too

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