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DtoidSeattle-Vancouver avatar 1:55 PM on 03.10.2009  (server time)
Dtoid 3 year anniversary NARP

All you Seattle/Vancouverites unite for a night of gaming and good times! We're getting together this Saturday, March 14th in Seattle to celebrate the occasion! This is just a quick reminder, since there is less than a week to go before the big event! It's being held at somebody's house, so please email us at dtoid-northwest(at) for all the info.

We will be playing lots of Left 4 Dead, and other games on 2 giant HD screens and probably doing some drinking of sorts (can I say that?) We might even head down to a local bar or something if we really want to get smashed! If you have any games that you really want to play, bring those too and see you all there!

[EDIT] If you're from the Portland Narp group, pleeez come too! kk thx bai

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