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9:50 AM on 08.23.2010

SF Worldwide NARP video montage

As promised in the previous post, here is a video montage shot and edited by Nick Hutchins. Enjoy!


[embed]182153:32466[/embed]   read

10:58 PM on 08.21.2010

SF Worldwide NARP Recap

Hey guys!

Its been about a week since the worldwide NARP was held, and yes, its taken that long to recover. So many good times were had that night that we wanted to share some stories and pics with the greater Dtoid community! South van Awesome was the place to be in San Francisco that night, since the whole house was open to NARPage.

For a little description of the place, South van Awesome (SoVa) consists of two apartments in the same house full of Dtoid community and friends of Dtoid. The NARP at SoVa was split into two areas, Upper SoVa had fighting games on 360, classic Atari and NES games, as well as PS3 setup, while Lower SoVa was home to Rock Band on a projector, beverages, and a Wii setup. All in all, this was a very awesome and gaming centric party, where there was always an available console to play games on.

And many games were played! One of the most visited consoles was the Atari, for the purpose of playing Halo 2600 and Custer's Revenge. Yes, Custer's Revenge. In fact, early on, DtoidSF decided to hold a retro game contest to see which community member would get the highest score. Wired|GameLife's Chris Kohler had the highest score for a while, but our own CTZ quickly beat his score on only his second try.

He's a natural.

That score was largely untouched until one moment, late at night, when Crimeminister (host of Dtoid's Communicast) beat his score to the cheers of the crowd and became the Rape King of the NARP. With this title came some swag, which included a Dtoid "Become T-shirt", Puzzle Quest gem, and a copy of Hello Kitty Online. Jealous much?

The final high score for Custer's Revenge

Besides classic retro games, the DtoidSF crew spent lots of time playing more modern games, such as SSF4, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, not to mention the constant Rock Banding that was happening throughout the entire night. Yours truly ended up passing out fairly early, but from what I heard, the partying kept going until 5 am, when everyone crashed on the various floors. (Sorry for locking your stuff in my room Manic Maverick!)

This was by far once of the most well attended and fun NARPs this year, and we had a blast organizing it. Thanks to all that helped make this NARP a huge succes! Special thanks also goes out Avery Wong and MattyP for taking great photos of the event, and to Nick Hutchins for the video work which will be posted up soon! Check below for some pics, but if you want to see the hundreds of other pics, go to Avery's site here

One of the first photos of the night! Shots all around!!

Crimeminister playing Rock Band 2 on our projector

Ubisoft's Nelly and CTZ getting into a fight!

[i]Smash Bros action started when the party did...

and continued the whole night!

Nick, Tactix and Nelly pose during the party

Wedgewu doing what she does best, singing at Rock Band!

On3nightstan and Ray

Taylor and MuddBstrd

Ricky. He is a dog.

With this epic NARP out of the way, its time to get super excited for the party to end all parties...


Hope you see you there!

-Tactix   read

2:13 PM on 08.01.2010

August NARPs

Hey DtoidSF!

July was an amazing month for NARPs! We had an awesome time at Distant Worlds and also had an epic party at SlapYourMammy's as mentioned in our recap! Well, its another month and time to plan out whats going on for this month! We have a couple of cool things in mind so I hope you can make it out!

What: Scott Pilgrim and DtoidSF vs the World!
When: Aug 13th
Where: Cinemark 20 Daly City

First off, Scott Pilgrim vs the World comes out this month, and DtoidSF would love to see it with you! People who have seen this movie already have confirmed that it is EPIC and full of win. The current plans are to watch it on Friday, Aug 13th, at the Cinemark 20 Daly City at around 9 pm. The exact details of movie time and whether we will go out to dinner beforehand will be figured out when the event gets closer, so stay tuned to the emailer to find out!

What: Worldwide NARP
When: Aug 14th
Where: South van Awesome

Next, a while back DtoidEurope issued a Worldwide NARP challenge to ever city group on Destructoid....and DtoidSF is totally up for this challenge. On the weekend of Aug 13th, they will be NARPing at Teh Lair (TM) and would like to have us party along with them!

Therefore, Saturda,y Aug 14th, we will have an epic NARP at South van Awesome. For those of you who dont know, South van Awesome is the most amazing place in the city, and home to yours truly :P. We will have two stories of gaming, complete with Rock Band, retro games such as Bomberman and Ducktales, and fighting games such as SSF4 and Blazblue. There are plans to have this event streaming live so we can chat along with people from other city groups. We are also going to be hosting a SSF4 invitational, where you guys can challenge some of the best players of DtoidSF to assert your dominance!

There will be a separate post will more details about this event, so keep paying attention to this blog to find out more! This will be one you dont want to miss!

Thats all thats planned for this month! Hopefully these NARPs can satiate us until next month, when PAX happens!!! WHOOOO!!

And as always,

Join the google group so you can help us plan these events and find out whats happening in real time

Join our facebook to get invites to the events so you can RSVP

Join our twitter to instantly get updates sent to your mobile devices

and brand new....check out our [url=[Youtube[/url] channel for video of past NARPs and other random community videos!

Hope to see you soon!   read

11:16 AM on 07.19.2010

NARP recap: Distant Worlds and NARcade party

Hey all!

Its time for our NARP recap! This weekend, DtoidSF attended the Distant Worlds concert as put on by the SF Symphony. Having gone to the concert last year, I was excited to see what new things they had in store. First of, there were a couple of new songs added to the show, most importantly songs from Final Fantasy XIII and even a sneak peak and music from Final Fantasy XIV! The other new part about this concert is that there were lots more performances with vocalist Susan Calloway, who sung Melodies of Life and other FF songs that have had words written for them.

The SF Symphony performs Dancing Mad!

Just like last year, Nobuo Uematsu was in attendance, so most of the audience was enthralled to be in the same concert hall as him. But Nobuo's shining moment came through in the "encore"....Just like last year, they decided to do "One Winged Angel" as the encore song. However, this time there was no chorus on the stage to perform the song. Therefore, conductor Arnie Roth and Nobuo Uematsu himself transformed the audience into the largest chorus performing a FF song, by displaying the words on the huge projector screen.

Yes. You read that right. We did Final Fantasy karaoke with Nobuo Uematso and the SF Symphony. Amazing.

Anyway, this year, we had 11 people from DtoidSF show up to Distant Worlds, which is a great number of people :D So thanks to those who came out!

We look totally classy. Booya.

The next day, was our joint Sunnyvale Arcade/house party NARP down in San Jose! It started out with meeting up at Sunnyvale Golfland! We played lots of Blazblue Continuum Shift and DJ Max Technika (I personally ruled house at SF4 with El Fuerte), before heading over to the house party at SlapYourMammy's place.

He had a great setup going for our house party. On the first floor of his place we had a projector screen set up for some Rock Band action, and on the second floor in his room, we had a TV playing old school retro games like Tetris Attack, Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers, and then switched over to some Tatsunoku vs Capcom.

Rock Band videos
While getting the audio set up, we decide to start the Rock Band anyway

Singing "Sunday Morning" by No Doubt

We also just enjoyed hanging around at talking about is some footage of our impromptu DtoidSF video podcast!

DtoidSF impromptu vidcast

After midnight, and after a couple (read: lots) of drinks, the few remaining DtoidSFers decide to go out and get burritos.

Hilarity ensues.

DtoidSF wants a burrito

Anyway, if you missed out on these NARPs, dont fret! We will have more in the future, so make sure to get involved! You can join our Google Group. Facebook, or follow us on twitter! Hope to see you at the next NARP :D   read

1:33 AM on 07.14.2010

More Just Dance tournament videos from Wedgecon!

It took a while, but we FINALLY have updated the Youtube channel with some of the videos from our Just Dance competition here at Dtoid HQ during Wedgecon! Check some of them out below, and check our channel for even more! <3 <3

Crimeminister and Ben Perlee

George (Polo Guy!) and Nelly

Chris Kohler and Devin

#Theinternetsamhouston and Bleach Boy

Nelly and Stella Wong

There are plenty more videos at the Youtube Channel, so check those out as well!   read

1:02 PM on 07.04.2010

July NARP events!

Hey guys!

July is here! For most people that means a whole month of relaxing at home or going on summer vacations. For us at DtoidSF, that means time to plan some epic NARPs! Finally recovered from the epicness of Wedgecon, we have the energy to meet up again for some really awesome gaming events :D Below you can find some of the things we have planned for this month!

When: July 16, 2010 8:00pm
Where: Davies Symphony Hall

Distant Worlds concert w/ the SF Symphony


Just like last year, the SF Symphony is proud to present the Distant Worlds concert, a night of beautiful music as composed by Nobuo Uematsu, and conducted by Arnie Roth. The set list that the symphony has already been determined for that night, so if you want to check it out, click here

Currently DtoidSF is working on getting group sales for the Friday event, so if you are interested in being one of the group make sure to reply on the email thread in our Google Group. If you already have a ticket for this show, we are also planning on meeting up after the show to hang out, so come out and join us!


When: July 17, 2010 6:00pm - 12:00am
Where: Sunnyvale Golfland and SlapYourMammy's place

NARCADE meetup!


Its been a while since we've been down to the San Jose area, so we've decided to plan an afternoon at the Sunnyvale Golfland! This is one of the best arcades in the area, full of games like Pop'n Music, DJ Max Technika, and Blazblue: Continuum Shift. We are hoping to meet up at the arcade at around 6:00 pm to play great arcade games with friends!

Once we are tired of the arcade, we are planning to head to SlapYourMammy's place which is nearby for chilling out! Whether it will be a night of gaming at his place, or a wild dance party is still TBD, but you know with DtoidSF its always a good time! For more details about the address and to find out what you can bring to the apartment, check out the emailer!


So yeah! Come out and join your fellow Dtoiders at awesome events this month. More details may arise later, and this blog will be updated, but I just wanted to make sure you block these dates out in your calendar!! And as always, make sure to become a fan on Facebook and follow our goings on at Twitter!   read

12:56 PM on 06.09.2010

SSF4 tournament in San Rafael!

E3 is coming up (seriously, look at our countdown!), and if you are most gamers, you are completely jealous that you can't attend. However, thanks to Bob Allbritton at Starbase One in San Raphael, there is an event happening this weekend to help ease the pain of not being in LA!

This Sunday, June 13th, there will be a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament held at Pinky's Pizza in San Raphael for cash and prizes! After an entry fee, you will have a chance to win a portion of the money collected for the tournament along with Mad Catz Tournament Edition Fightsticks!

If San Rafael is too far, but you want to check out the action, you can always check out a live stream of the event at!

So, which of you DtoidSF members are going to represent for the Dtoid army, and win all the prizes? All the details can be found below!


Super Street Fighter 4

[url='s+pizza+san+rafael&fb=1&gl=us&hq=pinky's+pizza&hnear=San+Rafael,+CA&cid=0,0,3869789783258063546&ei=wuEPTKzONduPnAf6oMnIDQ&ved=0CCEQnwIwAw&ll=37.972198,-122.516956&spn=0.007375,0.0156&z=16&iwloc=A]Pinky's Pizza in the Montecito Plaza[/url]
345 3rd St
San Rafael, CA 94901

Tournament will be held Sunday June 13th, 2010. Signups start at 11:30am. Tournament will start at 1:30pm.

Tournament Format:
Singles double elimination tournament. Best 2 out of 3 matches. Each match will be best out of 3 rounds. Grand finals will be best 3 out of 5 matches.

Entry Fee:
$13 to enter the tournament. $10 will be applied towards the prize pool and $3 will cover the cost of the venue.

The Prizes
The prize pot will be awarded to the top 3 placers at 70% (1st), 20% (2nd), and 10% (3rd). This post will be updated as I get more info on preregistration from the North Bay players and other stuff ;-)

Top 3 placers will each be awarded a Mad Catz Tournament Edition "S" FightStick courtesy of MarkMan and Mad Catz. We will also be raffling off a Tournament Edition "S" Fightstick to 1 random lucky entrant. (Top 3 placers do not qualify for raffle).

Ultras can be changed after every match. Characters can only be changed if you lose.

Setups are currently all XBox 360 based. Information on setups pending as we get more. Right now, we have 5 setups. 5 XBox 360's, 3 CRTs and 2 Asus VH236H monitors.

Stream will be hosted at   read

12:31 AM on 05.20.2010

Lost Planet 2 Sleepover recap!

Hey guys!

As you know, recently Dtoid and Capcom have been like bff's and having sleepovers together! This past weekend was host to a 7pm - 7am Lost Planet 2 gaming marathon that was so epic, I just had to share some photos here with the community.

First, a little recap...due to some technical difficulties, the actual streaming event didnt start until later, but once the show got off the ground, there was no stopping the insanity. Everyone at the event pooled their talents to keep both the people viewing online, and ourselves entertained. SlapYourMammy and Crimeminister christened the use of a new phrase "Busto", which quickly caught on. Yours truly, Tactix, and Wedgewu sang their hearts out in a karaoke on demand marathon. Stan from Astro gaming showed us another side of him, and supplied running commentary from "Natasha", the Russian mail-order bride with an accent as thick as a phone book. And our own Rey Gutierrez drove the viewer count past 400 with his impression of both a 14 year old girl gamer and a Gamestop manager trying to get the people online to preorder games.

And then came the sweets...Snow_Infernus of Capcom brought some Lost Planet 2 themed cupcakes baked by his wife, and Wedgewu and Clarence, founders of the Steakery Cakery, supplied the most epic cake I've ever EXACT replica of the Sir Omnomnom boss from Lost Planet 2...


To see how they made it, check out the Steakery Cakery link here


Anyway, here are some pics from the event, and if you live in the Bay Area and feel left out, its your own fault!!! Come join the fun, by joining our google group, following us on twitter and/or becoming our fan on facebook!

Till next time!


Throughout the course of the night, we gave this all away!

Bleachboy getting ready to play!

The Wall of TV's!

Number one rule of all-nighters...DONT FALL ASLEEP FIRST! OR OMNOMNOM's WILL ATTACK!   read

12:12 AM on 05.20.2010

Fanimecon May 28th-31st

Hey DtoidSF!

Are you a fan of anime? Do you enjoy cosplay? Live in the San Jose area?

At the end of this month, FanimeCon, will be happening at the San Jose Convention Center for what is sure to be a fun weekend. (A list of events can be found here)

Sadly, pre-registration has just ended, but you should be able to buy some tickets at the door.

So we want to know, who is planning on going? There are a few DtoidSF'ers who are already scheduled to attend, so if you have plans on going, and have not yet met up with the community, let us know! We'd love to meet up with you!

As always, check the google group for planned meet-up times and even coordinating what panels and events to do!

(And if you cant make it to Fanime, don't forget about our own Wedgecon!)   read

12:06 AM on 05.05.2010

May NARP edition: Wedgecon 2k10

Hey DtoidSF!

Its the month of May, and that means we have to start planning our monthly get-together! Luckily, we have an AMAZING event happening this month, and this blog should be coming out in MORE than enough time to make sure you get there!

As most of you know, Wedgewu is an awesome community member. (Look at this cake her and Clarence made for Capcom!) She is so amazing that this month, she is organizing what will be aptly named Wedgecon! Here is the info from the facebook invite!

'Welcome to Wedgecon 2k10!

For the first time ever, I will actually hold Wedgecon on my own instead of tacking it onto another event. :) The history of Wedgecon traces back to 2007, where a bunch of drunk idiots declared GeForceLAN to be otherwise titled "Wedgecon!" And from there, we have travelled to Quakecon and PAX and now we are at the place where it all began... San Francisco!

Basically I am planning this out to be a NARP/Get-together that will last the weekend. Lots and lots of videogames, of course, and other crazy things. This will be a conglomeration of the three communities I have grown to love: Destructoid, PMS Clan and Scorehero. :)"


This WEEKEND LONG EVENT will be held on Memorial Day weekend, May 28-May 31st. The details for whats happening each day will be updated below as they come in:

Friday May 28th

Bring your favorite Nerf gun, or buy a typical starter one, and lets do some RL Counter-Strike!

Saturday May 29th

Dodgeball!!!! 2PM
Meet at the DtoidHQ, and then walk to a nearby park for a rousing game of DODGEBALL!!!
Location: A Park near DtoidHQ

Just Dance-off! Time: 8PM
Compete to see who is the Just Dancing-est of us all! Bracketed tournament to see who deserves the title as Ultimate Dancer!

Sunday May 30th

Grilled Cheese Cookoff! (Rules here)
Location: Dtoid HQ

Monday May 31th

All Weekend

LAN PARTY! Bring your PC's and set up a LAN for some TF2 and other games!


There will also be weekend long Retro game contest! Prizes WILL be awarded for high/top scores in games such as the following:

NES Tetris
Oregon Trail
Super Mario Kart (SNES) Time trial: Course TBD

Check out the Google Group to talk about the Wedgecon plans, and check out the facebook invite here!


Make sure to follow @dtoidsf and @wedgewu this weekend to be kept aware of all the events as they happen in real time!   read

9:03 AM on 04.02.2010

Wondercon 2010 - THIS WEEKEND!

Hey DtoidSF!

This weekend is Wondercon, being held at the always rocking Moscone Center! (whoooo :D). I went to my first Wondercon last year, and although I'm not really into comics, it blew me away with how much fun it was to be at. And this year appears to be no different. There are lots of high profile and really cool events happening this year that you may want to check out!


Capcom will have a panel showcasing their upcoming games, and even hold an impromptu SSF4 tournament! (5-6pm)

Kevin Smith will be hosting a Q&A! (6-8pm)


There will be tons of Hollywood types at the movie panels from 12:45pm-2:15pm. Jake Gyllenhaal and Jerry Bruckheimer will be talking about Prince of Persia, and Milla Jovovich*, Ali Larter and Paul W. Anderson will be talking about Resident Evil: Afterlife.

And there will be a screening of the new Doctor Who at 6pm! Exciting?

Anyway, here's the important part!!

On Saturday....DtoidSF would love to meet up with anyone who is going to be at the convention who hasn't had a chance to hang out!

The plan is for people to gather at 3 pm outside of Moscone North on Saturday.

From there, we can walk around the exhibition hall, see panels, and just have a good time :D.

If you cant wait until Saturday to hang out, make sure to follow both @chrishealy (Bleach Boy) and @Scion_of_mogo to get updates on the whereabouts of DtoidSF members throughout the convention.

Here's to a great Wondercon! See you around!

*omg, I hate Milla Jovovich..totally upstaged Jill Valentine on purpose in the second RE movie, and just destroyed that movie series...and she is SO stuck up. I don't care if she is naked in all her movies, I just want to slap her in the face. And not necessarily with my penis. Just in general. And sure she may have been Leeloo in perhaps the greatest Bruce Willis movie, but lets not forget she was also Ultraviolet. So I'm sorry, but thats not cutting it for a good reason to keep her around. RAGE!   read

10:35 AM on 03.09.2010

DtoidSF March Meetups!

Hey all!

I just wanted to let you know that this is a BUSY BUSY month for DtoidSF. There are two events coming up this month so lets get started!

First off, Destructoid is celebrating its anniversary with style here in San Francisco! In conjuction with Astro Gaming, this Friday, we will be celebrating DESTRUCTOID'S 4TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY @ GDC' 10!

This is going to be one hell of a party, held at the Astro Gaming offices not far from the convention center. The event will be 21+, and space is limited (the Astro gaming offices isnt completely prepared for the amounts of amazing that we will bring, so they are being cautious :P) Check out Niero's front page post about it here

If you are planning on going to this event, you must visit

This site has a google map of the location or the party as well asa link to the facebook event page.

You must RSVP if you plan on attending! SRSLY!

Pic unrelated, but its Gaga....what? I make the blog, I choose the images!

Once that epicness is done, and we are recovering from our fun party selves, Agius has planned yet another NARP at his house in San Mateo! This NARP is set to occur on March 26th, and will feature tons of Rock Band and other fun gaming!

For directions and details about this party, check out the event on the DtoidSF facebook page by clicking here, or by checking the google group emailer!

I hope you can make it out to one or both of these events! This is also just a reminder that if you havent yet, you can remain in touch with the DtoidSF community group by joining our emailer, friending us on facebook, or following us on twitter!

So many ways to keep track of whats going on in the Bay Area! See you around!

-Tactix   read

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