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Welcome to the Destructoid San Francisco group. This blog is meant for all Dtoiders that are in or near the San Francisco area. The purpose here is to set up community events such as NARPs and any type of get together like conventions, cons, industry events, etc. This is done for and by the community because sometimes, just talking to each other on the Internets isn't enough.

If you want to be added to the friend's list or want to set up some kind of party/event, then please just PM me.

Sign up for our Google Group! Please include your Dtoid name in the request :D

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Hey everyone!

Its almost Halloween! In between searching for that perfect costume, make sure to come out to one of DtoidSF's meetups this month!

What: Super Nerd Night
Where: Edinburgh Castle Pub
When: Thursday, Jul 7th, 7:00 PM

Super Nerd Night is the monthly gathering of gamers in SF to play games in a pub, from board games, to fighting games, to other things in between. They have recently changed venues and regular times. Now SNN will be held the first Thursday of the month. Check out the blurb straight from the facebook event:

"After many nights of standing room only events we've finally found a proper venue. We're also going to be offering cash prizes for our fighting tournament and adding more board games to the SNN collection.

Like always this is an open event and perfect for anyone who is new to the city as jumping into games with strangers is highly encouraged.

Bring your boardgames and we'll supply the rest!"

What: Geeks VS Geeks Trivia Challenge
Where: Fly Bar Sutter
When: Monday, Oct 10th, 7:30 PM

Geeks vs Geeks is returning to SF! Anyone want to make a Destructoid team and show how awesome our nerd knowledge is?

"You're a geek and you know it! You have an inordinate amount of random, mostly useless information floating in your head. Regular trivia games don't honor that knowledge. Come join us for a game of Geeks VS Geeks, where we ask questions about the things YOU love."

What: Halloween plans
Where: Dont' know yet
When: Epic time

I most definitely want to organize SOMETHING for Halloween, but I havent had time. So pay attention to the c-blog/facebook/twitter to find out more as the month progresses!

Anyway, that's whats planned this month for DtoidSF! As per usual, join our emailer, and follow us on facebook and twitter! Hope to see you at an event!

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