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DtoidSanFrancisco avatar 11:39 PM on 12.27.2010  (server time)
New Years Eve celebration!

Hey guys!

Are you going to be in San Francisco during New Years Eve? If so, you should come out and meet up with the DtoidSF crew! We plan to do a bar crawl along Market St in San Francisco as we welcome the coming of 2011, also known as "how-are-they-going-to-make-the-stupid-glasses-with-2011?" Our plans are below!

What: TWENTY ELEVEN!!! Flying Cars or GTFO! New Year's Eve Bar Crawl

Time: Officially at 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM or longer (depending on people)

Location: Starting at Steff's Sports Bar @ 8PM, New bar around Market Street every hour.

Bar #2 Dave's
29 3rd St
(between Kearny St & Market St)
San Francisco, CA 94103

Bar #3 Gold Dust Lounge (Cash Only)
247 Powell St
(between Geary St & Ofarrell St)
San Francisco, CA 94102

Street drinking at 11 pm!

Description: 2010!!! Was it good? Was it bad? Either way, come celebrate it with your friends in DtoidSF. Come join us in drinking to remember the good times or in drinking to forget the bad times that shall not be named.....EVER!

We are starting the party at Steff's Sports Bar. Every hour up to 11 pm, we are hitting a new bar in the area! Then at 11 pm, we are Flaskin' it to Union Square. So join us.....and together we shall rule New Year's Eve as Gamer Site and Community.

Side Notes: If it is raining, we'll stay put where ever we land until the rain is over. If better/less populated bars are found, they maybe added to the list.

To stay update on the event or get lost from the group, follow me at @zakupilot256 on twitter the night of. You can also follow @DtoidSF to keep up with the night!

For more information about this event, make sure to check out our emailer, and let us know if you will make it on our facebook invite!

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