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DtoidSanFrancisco avatar 12:06 AM on 05.05.2010  (server time)
May NARP edition: Wedgecon 2k10

Hey DtoidSF!

Its the month of May, and that means we have to start planning our monthly get-together! Luckily, we have an AMAZING event happening this month, and this blog should be coming out in MORE than enough time to make sure you get there!

As most of you know, Wedgewu is an awesome community member. (Look at this cake her and Clarence made for Capcom!) She is so amazing that this month, she is organizing what will be aptly named Wedgecon! Here is the info from the facebook invite!

'Welcome to Wedgecon 2k10!

For the first time ever, I will actually hold Wedgecon on my own instead of tacking it onto another event. :) The history of Wedgecon traces back to 2007, where a bunch of drunk idiots declared GeForceLAN to be otherwise titled "Wedgecon!" And from there, we have travelled to Quakecon and PAX and now we are at the place where it all began... San Francisco!

Basically I am planning this out to be a NARP/Get-together that will last the weekend. Lots and lots of videogames, of course, and other crazy things. This will be a conglomeration of the three communities I have grown to love: Destructoid, PMS Clan and Scorehero. :)"


This WEEKEND LONG EVENT will be held on Memorial Day weekend, May 28-May 31st. The details for whats happening each day will be updated below as they come in:

Friday May 28th

Bring your favorite Nerf gun, or buy a typical starter one, and lets do some RL Counter-Strike!

Saturday May 29th

Dodgeball!!!! 2PM
Meet at the DtoidHQ, and then walk to a nearby park for a rousing game of DODGEBALL!!!
Location: A Park near DtoidHQ

Just Dance-off! Time: 8PM
Compete to see who is the Just Dancing-est of us all! Bracketed tournament to see who deserves the title as Ultimate Dancer!

Sunday May 30th

Grilled Cheese Cookoff! (Rules here)
Location: Dtoid HQ

Monday May 31th

All Weekend

LAN PARTY! Bring your PC's and set up a LAN for some TF2 and other games!


There will also be weekend long Retro game contest! Prizes WILL be awarded for high/top scores in games such as the following:

NES Tetris
Oregon Trail
Super Mario Kart (SNES) Time trial: Course TBD

Check out the Google Group to talk about the Wedgecon plans, and check out the facebook invite here!


Make sure to follow @dtoidsf and @wedgewu this weekend to be kept aware of all the events as they happen in real time!

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