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DtoidSanFrancisco avatar 12:31 AM on 05.20.2010  (server time)
Lost Planet 2 Sleepover recap!

Hey guys!

As you know, recently Dtoid and Capcom have been like bff's and having sleepovers together! This past weekend was host to a 7pm - 7am Lost Planet 2 gaming marathon that was so epic, I just had to share some photos here with the community.

First, a little recap...due to some technical difficulties, the actual streaming event didnt start until later, but once the show got off the ground, there was no stopping the insanity. Everyone at the event pooled their talents to keep both the people viewing online, and ourselves entertained. SlapYourMammy and Crimeminister christened the use of a new phrase "Busto", which quickly caught on. Yours truly, Tactix, and Wedgewu sang their hearts out in a karaoke on demand marathon. Stan from Astro gaming showed us another side of him, and supplied running commentary from "Natasha", the Russian mail-order bride with an accent as thick as a phone book. And our own Rey Gutierrez drove the viewer count past 400 with his impression of both a 14 year old girl gamer and a Gamestop manager trying to get the people online to preorder games.

And then came the sweets...Snow_Infernus of Capcom brought some Lost Planet 2 themed cupcakes baked by his wife, and Wedgewu and Clarence, founders of the Steakery Cakery, supplied the most epic cake I've ever EXACT replica of the Sir Omnomnom boss from Lost Planet 2...


To see how they made it, check out the Steakery Cakery link here


Anyway, here are some pics from the event, and if you live in the Bay Area and feel left out, its your own fault!!! Come join the fun, by joining our google group, following us on twitter and/or becoming our fan on facebook!

Till next time!


Throughout the course of the night, we gave this all away!

Bleachboy getting ready to play!

The Wall of TV's!

Number one rule of all-nighters...DONT FALL ASLEEP FIRST! OR OMNOMNOM's WILL ATTACK!

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