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DtoidSanFrancisco avatar 12:45 PM on 06.29.2011  (server time)
July NARP events

Hey everyone!

Summer is here, and DtoidSF has some events planned that you should check out!

What: PulsewaveSF
Where: DNA Lounge
When: Thursday, Jul 7th, 7:00 PM

"Pulsewave is the USís longest running monthly Chip Music event. Using vintage game systems & computers as the basis for stunning music & visuals, Pulsewave spotlights emerging & established artists from all over the world. 8bitSF is excited to merge forces with NYC to present a new chapter in Chip Music history: PulsewaveSF."

The bands that will be playing are Bit Shifter, crashfaster, The Glowing Stars, Starpause & Awkward Terrible.

What: California Extreme
Where: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
When: July 9-10, 2011

"California Extreme is the "Classic Arcade Games Show". It's an annual celebration of coin operated pinball machines, video games and other novelties you once found in game arcades. All games on display are set for free play, so leave your quarters in the ash tray in your car. You won't need 'em."

A couple people attended last year and said it was a lot of fun, so if you plan on attending this year, please let us know!

What: Geeks VS Geeks Trivia Challenge
Where: Fly Bar Sutter
When: Monday, Jul 18th, 7:30 PM

"You're a geek and you know it! You have an inordinate amount of random, mostly useless information floating in your head. Regular trivia games don't honor that knowledge. Come join us for a game of Geeks VS Geeks, where we ask questions about the things YOU love.

Your categories for the month are:

MUSIC TO MY EARS - musicians, some real, some not

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - great assholes of history, literature and mass media



WHO SAID IT?- famous quotes

THE SOURCE - identify the inspiration for our favorite things"

Anyway, that's whats planned this month for DtoidSF! As per usual, join our emailer, and follow us on facebook and twitter! Hope to see you at an event!

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