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DtoidSanFrancisco avatar 9:33 PM on 01.29.2011  (server time)
February NARP events

Hey DtoidSF!

February is the month of LOVE!!! You know what I love? Meeting up with all you awesome community members in SF! (Not to mention Snickers ice cream and SSF4) Anyway, as always we have a list of great events for you to take part in! Come meet up with your Dtoid Army soldiers as we start to take over the world!

What: Geeks vs Geeks Trivia Night
Where: Fly Bar
When: Monday, Feb 7th, 7:30 PM

Are you a geek? Do you know what Oz's band name was in Buffy? How about who's singer's head was in an entire episode of Futurama? Well, on Feb 7th, Geeks vs Geeks is having a trivia night over at Fly Bar, and it would be awesome if we could get a DtoidSF team to represent! And fear not, there actually are prizes awarded for the winners :D.

What: Super Nerd Night!
Where: Rogue Ale's Public House
When: Tuesday, Feb 8, 7:00 PM

From the facebook invite:

"Super Nerd Night is the monthly gathering of the geeks at Rogue, where the usual bar crowd is replaced with a mini-convention of comic book, video game, role-playing game and general nerd culture aficionados. Super Nerd Night has mutated from a simple video game tournament between friends into an all-encompassing meet and geek."

Many more DtoidSFers have been showing up to this event and meeting lots of cool, new people! So if you haven't made it out to one (like me) try to show up! :D

What: The Room Midnight Showing!
Where: Piedmont Theater in Oakland
When: Saturday, Feb 17th, 12:00 AM

The Room. In a movie theater. Spoons.

You need to make sure to join in on this, I promise if you have not experienced The Room, you havent lived. The Oscars nominees like Black Swan are crap when compared to this masterpiece of a movie. Tommy Wiseau is a fine Shakepearean actor and brilliant director.

Make sure to join in the emailer to organize the car pool trips and such. OMG THIS WILL BE THE BEST NARP EVER!

Anyway, that's whats planned this month for DtoidSF! As per usual, join our emailer, and follow us on facebook and twitter! Hope to see you at an event!

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