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DtoidSanFrancisco avatar 12:38 AM on 02.17.2011  (server time)
DtoidSF Toidlet

Pic unrelated, other than I love Glee

Hey guys!

If you are in DtoidSF, pay attention! Introducing to you now, the DtoidSF Toidlet! As mentioned by Hamza in the Destructoid mega-guide that was posted today, Toidlets are little versions of Destructoid that only have stories related to topics of interest to the group. With that in mind, I've started up the DtoidSF toidlet to act as our own mini oasis of all things related to our awesome community here in San Francisco!

How does it work? Well, whenever you write a blog, if you are added to the toidlet, you will be able to send your blog to be posted in this group along with being the main c-blog area. Being featured in this toidlet means that if anyone wants to get a quick glimpse of the goings on of our little community, they can just check it out in one location.

On the official account, I will be sending all the NARP posts to the toidlet, but where you come in is post other blogs here as well! It would be great to showcase the blogging chops of our community in one place, in particular recaps of all the events we go to! I'd love it if the next time you guys go to an event, take some photos, videos, and just blog about your great time...then send it to the DtoidSF toidlet. This way, we will have a one stop place for showing off the awesomeness that is the DtoidSF community group!

If you are a member of DtoidSF, but arent on the Toidlet yet, send a PM to the DtoidSanFrancisco account and I'll add you to the list! And if you have any ideas for how else we can utilize this group, just mention them in the comments, or in the emailer! Happy Blogging!

The link to our Toidlet is here again: DtoidSF Toidlet

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