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DtoidSanFrancisco avatar 1:25 AM on 11.30.2010  (server time)
December NARP events


Hey DtoidSF! Its getting chilly here in the East Bay, and what better way to fight off the cold than by meeting up with your fellow Dtoiders and having some awesome events! Below are some things that are planned for the month of December in and around San Francisco for you guys!

What: Kihten's Bday party
Where: Rogue Ales Public House
When: Dec 3rd at 8:00 pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIHTEN! New DtoidSF member Krista just turned 27 this week, and to celebrate, she has invited all of DtoidSF to meet up at the Rogue Ales Public House starting at 8pm. A new hangout for the DtoidSF community, this place usually offers a monthly "Super Nerd Night" that we are starting to make our presence known <3.

On this Friday, we will meet there to eat, drink (homemade rootbeer floats!) and watch movies such as Scott Pilgrim and Dr. Horrible! So I hope to see you all there!

What: Umloud!
Where: DNA Lounge
When: Dec 9 at 7PM

UMLOUD! This is an AWESOME charity event that takes place every year to benefit the well known Child's Play Charity. This night involves people performing Rock Band songs on the main stage of DNA Lounge with full lights, smoke effects and and amazing sound system, all for charity. By going, not only will you be getting a great show, you will also have the opportunity to buy raffle tickets for awesome swag that has been donated by various game companies.

There will be also be a silent auction which will give you the chance to win some really awesome rare items that are too good to be merely raffled off. All this for only a $10 entrance to the event, the full proceeds of which go to benefit Child's Play. So check out more information at the Umloud website, and come rock out for charity! And if you buy your tickets online here, you can get two pieces of swag!

What: DtoidSF Holiday Celebration
Where: DtoidHQ
When Dec 18th

Finally, what would December be without a holiday celebration? Our community will be getting together to have a little holiday get-together on Dec 18th. The event will take place at Dtoid HQ, and we are planning on having a Secret Santa, wear our tackiest holiday sweaters, and play some holiday themed games! This party will be live streamed on the stream for the rest of the dtoid community to check out!

If you are interested in the holiday meetup, it is really important to join the emailer! You will need to sign up to get into the Secret Santa list!

These are all the events that are being planned for this month! Hope to see you guys at one, two, or ALL of them! If for some reason you cant make it out, though, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

And dont forget to join the emailer, follow our facebook page and twitter, and check out the youtube channel for awesome community things!

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