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DtoidPhoenix's blog

11:39 PM on 09.28.2011

Phoenix Events for October 2011

Things are cooling down in Phoenix, and that means people are more willing to go outside and meet up with each other! We've got three things going on this coming month. Live in Phoenix? Join our Google Group to get more ...   read

11:23 PM on 06.26.2011

Phoenix events for July 2011

The sun is beating down these days, so what better way to stay cool than to huddle in a crowded space with a bunch of sweaty nerds who play with cardboard? Okay, so maybe there are better ways, but they might not be as fun...   read

6:31 PM on 11.05.2010

Dtoid Phoenix has a group now! [shortblog]

Dtoid Phoenix was a blog, back before groups existed, but now we're a group!  There are no current plans for any NARPs, but keep an eye here for any stuff going on in the future.  Once the ball gets rolling, w...   read

5:19 PM on 08.11.2010

Wii event/giveaway this weekend

Howdy, DtoidPhoenicians, Got a short little reminder here that Nintendo is doing some promotional events all along the west coast, and they have thought to include Phoenix in that. Check out the flyer above, or if it's too...   read

2:04 AM on 07.30.2010

Introducing DtoidPhoenix!

From the ashes, we rise up... I mean, hello everybody! I mentioned in a recent DtoidLosAngeles blog that I don't live in Los Angeles any more. I live in Phoenix! Hence, DtoidPhoenix. I don't know why it took me moving ...   read

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