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9:45 PM on 03.07.2011

Call Security ... Florida's About to D-Toid It Up! Join Us!

Ladies and gentlemen, D-Toid Florida is B-A-C-K!

We have been a little on the inactive side for a bit, but now we are back in action and quite a few things are unfolding.

There are many small groups who are getting together or meeting up at conventions, arcades, or even at members' homes to game and just hang out. No one ever said that a D-Toid gatherings have to be huge. Sometimes it's good to just meet up with a small group and chill.

Let's say you're going to a video game convention all by your lonesome and you are just wishing and wishing that someone would go with you. Well that someone might just be another avid gamer who lives in your area or within some general vicinity of you who is going to the same event stag as well. Yes, even the two of you just meeting up at the convention constitutes as something. The point of meetups and NARPs is not only to celebrate our lifestyle as gamers, but to form bonds with others who live and love that same lifestyle.

Also we are trying to put our heads together and come up with some big event, possibly for the summer. It may be just one huge get together that lasts an entire weekend, or it could involve a field trip to some video game company(ies) in our area if we could possibly make that happen.

And let's not forget NARPs (No Apparent Reason Parties)! There have been talks of a few NARPs that will quite possibly go down as well.

If you live in the great state of Florida and have not joined the D-Toid Florida Google group now, then here's your LINK ... JOIN! I know the name of the group (as well as this blog) is DToid Orlando, but pay that no mind. We facilitate the whole state, and we want the whole state to participate in helping us give DToid Florida the huge comeback that it deserves. There is also now a DToid Florida Facebook Page that you are also invited to join. Many members find it easier to communicate via the Facebook group as well as find it more appealing, but both groups are active.

Bottom line, DToid Florida is BACK and we need your participation! If you have any questions or concerns or would like more information about anything, then feel free to contact me, ladydrell83 here on D-Toid.   read

8:28 AM on 01.12.2011

Something stirs in the bowels of Florida

And it stinks like fish...

And gaming!

But mostly fish.

The Google group has recently seen a flurry of activity, and we've also entered the modern age with a Facebook group

There are rumblings of a face to face Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament, as well as folks heading to PariahCon.

Wake up Florida, I know you're out there!   read

11:39 AM on 09.07.2009

REMINDER! DtoidOrlando NARP SATURDAY Sept 12th

Just a quick reminder that the DtoidOrlando NARP is this Saturday! Much food and drink to be had, along with the standard amount of vidya.

Lazy post is lazy, but know that this will be good times for all.

Here's the link for info -   read

8:19 AM on 08.12.2009

Dtoid Orlando NARP: After Pax Pity Party Edition - Sept 12th

Dtoid Orlando is back and ready for the next NARP! I'm heading back to the states from a year in paradise, and won't be able to make PAX. So let's NARP to celebrate our collective poorness!

We'll be BBQing at Nademagnet's house, with tons of retro games and (hopefully) plenty of food.

We're coordinating via the Google group, so sign up, RSVP, and let us know what you're bringing so we can get a headcount.

Any help with meat/beer/vidja games is highly appreciated, otherwise just bring your sweet grooves.

[b]Tdiddy9182[b]   read

5:16 PM on 01.27.2009

DtoidFlorida is still in the building!

Hello my fellow robot soldiers down in the penis of the United States. I know it's been awhile but a new resurgence of the community spirit has flowed through the site and this pleases me greatly. I have taken the time to create a new Google Group for those who call Florida home. The emailer will be a way for us to keep in contact, keep each other busy at work, and most importantly invite each other to one another's massive orgy parties. I mean....NARPs...that's what I meant. NARP.

It's quite easy to sign up as well. Just click here or here and follow the instructions.

As many of you may know, Destructoid's 3rd birthday is coming up quickly and a massive party will be going down in Miami this year. Use the emailer to see if you can share a room with someone while going down. Because if you live in Florida and don't make it down, you weill be severely beaten.   read

4:21 PM on 05.01.2008

DToidFlorida is in the building!

Do you like to interact with others? Tired of people calling you strange because you play
video games? Do you live in or near Florida and are willing to drive? Do you drink by

Well if you said yes to all of those questions then I suggest you seek out a therapist! But if
you said yes to 3 of those questions, boy do I have a deal for you! Welcome to the
DtoidFlorida group, where your social planning is our agenda! The main purpose of this
group is to gather all members of the Destructiod family who live close enough to Florida to
party together and do just that: PARTY TOGETHER! As you are very well aware of by now,
Destructoid is all about the community and what better way to showcase this but to hangout

Keep your eye out in the near future to the blogs that will no doubt spew from this handle
because we plan on doing some amazing things for our community. There's a billion things
to do in Florida and plan on doing them all. House parties, Miami,
GuitarAtomik shows, Disney,
bars, clubs, and maybe we'll even go visit
Mr. Thompson!

If you have something that you want to put out to the members in Florida, send a PM my
way and we'll take care of it. Hell if you want to write a blog for your event or idea, I'm
more than happy to put it up for you.

If you don't live in Florida, be sure to checkout our friend's blogs as well:

DtoidVancouver   read

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