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DtoidNorthCarolina avatar 1:51 PM on 10.29.2008  (server time)
North Carolina NARP Coming SOON!

The birth of Dtoid North Carolina is here. A time of rejoicing and eating BBQ and beer is at hand. Tired of listening to epic NARPS happening in those metropolis setting??

Yeah, I'm getting tired of all these big city slickers yapping about their get togethers and how they party & drink in their la dee da tall building settings. Well us country folk are the originaters of boozery. We don't even need to worry about waking up our neighbors with our drunken debauchery either, we actually have property and a little something called privacy that only the neck of the woods in North Carolina can offer. Also Moonshine, we have have it here!

I'm in the stages of finalizing everything about it. Stay tuned. And for those who live in this area and have yet to divulge your interest, now is the time. I offer all my country brethren ( any that haven't been contacted by me yet ) who yearn for a break from the monotony of normal day life, a chance to show these city folks, how we party... Carolina style. If you live in or around the area, South Carolina and Virginia count, leave your name below, more concrete details as well as our setting, is coming real SOON.

Any interested parties let me know something here or while playing on PS3 FNF.... psst, it's me Y0j1mb0. I promise not to rape you... too badly.

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